Social Media Policy

For Staff and Little Trekkers Ambassadors Posting on Little Trekkers website/social media.


We will never use negative or abusive language in our posts and will always remain professional in our approach in accordance with our Blog Acceptable User Policy, remembering our brand values and have fun.


Every site that is controlled by the company will be evidenced as such. We will not set up fake sites or profiles that are designed to mislead followers or control a conversation. Equally our ambassadors and staff are encouraged to disclose sites that they are associated with and we need to monitor they are complying with this.


Should a negative comment be posted we will respond in a positive way. Even if it is a problem we cannot solve we are acknowledging that there is a team of real people behind Little Trekkers willing to help their customers. We won’t over comment and will leave the community to discuss topics themselves where necessary.


Whether the content is positive or negative towards Little Trekkers we will approve. However, if the content is ugly, offensive, denigrating and out of context we will reject. We will check our social media and websites everyday for comments submitted.


Do not disclose personal information, conversations or statements regarding colleagues or business partners in an online conversation without their permission.


We will be conscientious about personal information that we collect including how we store, use or share this information in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998. Personal information will comply with our privacy / IT policies.


We will use our logos as avatars (e.g. profile picture) across social media platforms. All our communications should be honest, open and fun. We will talk about having fun outdoors with your children and about the products.

Fast Pace

We appreciate that social media is constantly changing and that we will need to review and update these guidelines on a regular basis.