10 things to do with the family outdoors this half term

10 things to do with the family outdoors this half term
By Karen Derbyshire
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10 things to do with the family outdoors this half term


Kaz and Lily from The3amdiary.com share some tips with us on how to get the family outside, this half term.

While we may have to stay home or close to home, it doesn't mean half term needs to be boring. We love to get outdoors and explore, especially after a day of work while juggling homeschooling - it clears the mind while escaping from the screens. 

Here are 10 ways to enjoy the outdoors this half term: 

1. Scavenger Hunts 
Who doesn't love a scavenger hunt? From sensory hunts to nature trails, make up your own, or make the most of the many free downloadable ones you can search for online!  

2. Have a picnic
It may be chilly, but you can still sit outdoors, snuggled with blankets and sipping hot chocolate. 

3. Nature crafts
Leaves, twigs, pebbles and more, collect nature's treasures and take them home to make something fun! 

4. Leaf and bark rubbings 
Take a little notepad and crayons on your walk and see what patters the bark or leaves make when you rub them. What other patterns can you find in nature? 

5. Birdspotting
Lily is a huge fan of birdspotting. We love the Spotty Dawdlers bird spotting book with stickers aswell as the Usborne Minis book - however you can download free bird spotting sheets from the RSPB Birdwatch.

6. Natural playground
Make the most of fallen trees or low hanging branches for a natural playground to climb, walk or jump across! 

7. Search for footprints 
Winter is a great time to search for footprints in the mud, ice or snow. Which animals or birds do you think made those prints? 

8. Map reading
Draw or print a map of your local area and get the kids to draw a route. See if they can follow the trail! 

9. Challenge yourselves
There are many challenges online where you can colour in the distances as you go along or even win a medal for reaching so far. See how far you can walk through lockdown - kids love a real medal or maybe you can make your own? 

10. Litter picking
If you can safely do this locally, then it is a great way to learn about the environment, protect your area and help kids appreciate their local parks and pavements too. 

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