About Crocs

Crocs are known for their innovation, fun, and comfort for people who want shoes that conform to their personalities and lifestyles. . Now in more styles and colours, Crocs is taking a big step forward in providing intuitive comfort to feet everywhere.


Brand Heritage

Crocs have produced an innovative shoe, made from a revolutionary material called Croslite technology which holds unique characteristics that have allowed Crocs to perform on both lands and in water, characteristics new to the footwear industry. 

Building momentum with a shoe, unlike any other, Crocs, provides consumers with innovative, fun, and comfortable footwear that could be worn for a variety of lifestyle occasions. The Crocs brand name started to build a feel-good physical and emotional experience with a life of its own.

Crocs have quickly evolved to cross-cultural boundaries and now leads a global consumer movement of over 100 million pairs of shoes sold to date.

Bringing, comfort, fun, and innovation!


With its colour and clever design, Crocs always strives for smiles and to create a feel-good emotional experience.


Profound comfort is all about a feel-good physical experience. Innovations like advanced ergonomic design, über lightweight technology, and a massaging footbed all make sure you’re comfortable from toe to head, and vice versa.


Utilitarian design with versatile function helps Crocs™ to stand out.


Make A Splash

Kids can now enjoy classic Crocs comfort — even on the rainiest days. This kids’ rain boot is available in bright colors with a waterproof build that keeps puddle-jumping feet cozy and dry. Plus, oversized handles make them easy for kids to put on and take off.