Muddy Puddles


About Muddy Puddles 


Muddy Puddles started from a kitchen table in Devon, it has taken 20 years, 100s of samples and 1000s of customers to perfect their children’s outdoor wear.


There are four essential elements.


1. Exceptional technical performance: waterproof, durable, breathable – ready for any weather

2. Bright & bold unisex designs: to love and wear day in and day out.

3. Built to last: to wear and wash and pass on

4. Accessible prices: because children are expensive

Making childhood magic in the great outdoors.

Muddy Puddles want their outdoor wear to inspire children to leap into life. They believe in the importance of growing up to be confident and independent, which comes from the freedom to take risks, learning your limits and using your imagination




Ready for those Summer showers!


This super waterproof is bright and lightweight, making it the perfect practical must-have for active explorers who love playing outside come rain or shine.

Made from recycled fabrics, this Ecolight splashsuit is designed to protect little adventurers from rainy and windy weather. With rain-proof features such as secure hood, waterproof zips and adjustable ankle straps that prevent the suit from riding up, this splashsuit will be your go-to rainy day outfit for your growing explorers.”