Ordering, Sizes & Stock


How can I place an order?

So, your Little Trekker needs some new gear but you are not sure how best to place your order? Our website is probably the best place to start – make yourself a nice drink and get comfy on the sofa with your laptop:

  1. Have a look through the products by either using the product category boxes or the search facility to find what you are looking for.
  2. Once you’ve decided which outfit will suit your Little Trekker add it to your backpack by clicking the ‘add to backpack’ button. 
  3. You can then continue shopping and add other items or you can carry on to the checkout where you will be asked for your details in order for us to process your order.
  4. Payment wise we accept Visa, Mastercard, Visa Debit, Delta, Solo and JCB Cards. 
  5. We are also good at keeping you updated and will send you emails to let you know what stage your order is at. 

All you need to do now is put your feet up and wait for the delivery so that you can get out there with your Little Trekker in their new funky gear.

I can’t order online is there another way?

If your internet is down or you simply prefer to speak to someone - give us a ring and we will happily take your order over the phone, Monday to Friday 9am-5pm, Saturday & Sunday 9am - 5:30pm.  01226 767321.  

I’m worried about security – how secure is your website?

Our Payment Service Provider is Sage Pay (formerly Protx) – the largest independent payment service provider (PSP) in the UK and Ireland.

Sage Pay provides a secure payment gateway (Level 1 PCI DSS), processing payments for thousands of online businesses, including ours. It is Sage Pay’s utmost priority to ensure that transaction data is handled in a safe and secure way.

Sage Pay uses a range secure methods such as fraud screening, I.P address blocking and 3D secure. Once on the Sage Pay systems, all sensitive data is secured using the same internationally recognised 256-bit encryption standards.

Sage Pay is PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) compliant to the highest level and maintains regular security audits. They are also regularly audited by the banks and banking authorities to ensure that their systems are impenetrable.

Sage Pay is an active member of the PCI Security Standards Council (PCI SSC) that defines card industry global regulation.

In addition, you know that your session is in a secure encrypted environment when you see https:// in the web address, and/or when you see the locked padlock symbol alongside the URL.

So when buying through our site, you can be sure that you are completely protected.

Ooops I forgot something…Can I add it to my order

We know what you mean - you click the buy button and then something else catches your eye.  If you contact us straight away we can normally add it to your order so you don’t incur additional P&P charges.  If your order has already been picked and packed in the warehouse it would need to be treated as an additional order.

I like your gear, any chance of an adult range?

Sorry but we specialise in Little Trekkers (not Big Trekkers) and that’s what makes us different - that’s what we’re good at, that’s what we know and that’s how it will stay. 


How do I know which size will fit my Little Trekker?

We know that you sometimes get stuck between two sizes and often you want to ensure that there’s a little room for growth.  Many of our items have full sets of measurements to help you obtain the correct size.  However, please also visit the ‘Our Say’ tab on each product as this sometimes gives more details on sizing if we’ve found the item or brand to come up bigger or smaller than average.  If you are unsure or need specific advice drop us an email – This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


You’ve sold out of the item I wanted – will you be getting anymore in?

We try really hard to keep full stocks throughout the year for our core products (apart from the obvious seasonal items).  Sometimes though you surprise us and buy more of a particular product, size or colour than expected but we do try our hardest. If it’s something specific let us know.  Kylie is our Queen of Stock and will do her best for you. 

Is it in stock if it’s showing on your website?

Good question.  We have a Techie Trekkers Team who work feverishly to update the website throughout the day to ensure that everything that is showing on the website is in stock and ready to dispatch.  If lots of our customers have a sudden spending spree and buy  items that were already low in stock then it could be that an item appears as available before our Techie Team have had a chance to update the website.  This is usually during Sale time when we are clearing the last of our stock.  Occassionally, due to human stock checking error, we may think we have an item when in fact we have just run out.   However, both our Techie Team and our Warehouse are very good at their jobs, so this is quite rare. 

Why is the sky blue?

Hmmmm….this one slipped through the net and we are not exactly qualified to answer but we will give it a go……
Basically when sunlight enters our atmosphere it bumps into oxygen and nitron atoms (they are gases in our atmosphere).  The colour with the shorter wavelength is scattered more by this crash.  Blue (and violet) are the colours with the shortest wavelengths and because our eyes are more sensitive to blue light we see the sky as blue! (just don’t ask us why the sea is blue too!).