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  1. Zoggs Sea Unicorn Water Wings Vest

    Regular Price: £20.00

    Special Price £16.00

    Zoggs new Water Wing Vest provides fixed buoyancy and encourages a natural swimming position to get little ones used to using their arms and legs to move around in the water. The Water Wing Vest features a neoprene body and super soft sleeves with foam floats strategically sewn into the arms and shoulders to provide exceptional buoyancy and ease of movement. The vest features a zip which does up at the back and a tab to hold it in place so little ones won't be able to remove the vest in the pool. The sleeves help to stop the jacket from riding up around the neck, so little ones can build their swim confidence in comfort with this fantastic vest.
  2. Zoggs Swim Ring

    Regular Price: £10.00

    Special Price £5.77

    A great encouragement for your little one to kick in the water and develop their swimming skills. The ring sits around their chest allowing their little arms to move around and paddle. Its also ideal for added support around the chest if they aren’t ready to move onto armbands just yet. Suitable for children aged 2-3 years, up to 15kg.

  3. Splash About Short John Floatsuit

    Regular Price: £24.99

    Special Price £21.40

    Unlike armbands, the Splash About Short John Floatsuit leaves kids arms free whilst holding them in the correct position for swimming. Feeling fully supported they will gain confidence in the water and as they do the floats can then be gradually reduced until they become strong, happy, independent swimmers.


    • Allows complete freedom of arm movement
    • 16 piece float system, 2 floats in each pocket that be removed as confidence grows
    • Provides the added buoyancy needed to promote water confidence in children learning to swim
    • Puts children into the correct swimming position either on their front or back and allows children to develop natural swim strokes.
    • High quality SPF50+ material with longer length legs to keep your little one safe from the sun
    • Chlorine resistant fabric that looks great use after use

    Size Guide:

    • Small: 1-2 years., chest 51cm, body length 37cm, weight 11-15kg
    • Medium: 2-4 years, chest 56cm, length 40cm, weight 15-30kg
    • Large: 4-6 years, chest 61cm, length 43cm, weight 18-30kg

Grid List

3 Item(s)