Why buy from us?

Little Trekkers is a specialist in outdoor clothing retailer for children and we have been supplying waterproof clothing to Forest Schools, Nursery Groups, Independent and Local Authority schools throughout the UK for over 15 years.

Our vision is to successfully supply a wide range of waterproof clothing for all outdoor learning pursuits to enable children to explore with nature in the most comfortable way.

We believe that children should feel comfortable in their attire which allows them to explore, jump, squelch, roll to their hearts content. 

Our range has been carefully selected to compliment the inspiratioanl process of Outdoor Learning, in which we can help advise on all our waterproof ranges with regards to styles, fit, cost and even the suitability for its use, ensuring that play continues regardless of the weather conditions.

Our range covers a wide variety of brands from Spotty Otter to Regatta, each brand has its benefits to the great outdoors and suitability for the intended use, which is why we can offer such a collection for you to choose from. 

Ordering & Payments

Ordering and payment can be arranged to suit your needs, including invoicing on 30 days credit terms and according to your particular school or nursery requirements.  For example, if there are any special requirements due to funding via your local authority rather than directly from your school or nursery.

Please take a look at our product information which is designed to assist with buying the right garments for your individual needs.  However, any items from the Little Trekkers’ ranges can be supplied and therefore please contact us for any further information that you require on 01226 767321

We can also provide samples on a sale or return basis to assist you make the right product and size choices.  Any samples retained will be refunded to the discounted price against the bulk order.

Email us on to discuss options and let us know of your requirements big or small!