Sigg Tips and Tricks

The good folks at Sigg have come up with a few tips and tricks to keep your drinks bottles in good shape, and to help you keep them looking and working their best


Always clean your SIGG bottle manually. Rinse your bottle and bottle cap with hot water after each use, let it dry and always store bottle and cap separately. If your bottle gets very dirty or stained, our SIGG cleaning brush can come in handy. In addition, you should also clean the individual parts of your kids’ and active tops regularly (about once a month) by hand. Taking the caps apart for cleaning is pretty easy.

Care and Usage

  • Before using for the first time, wash the bottle, seal, and drinking cap manually.
  • Suitable for fruit juices and isotonic drinks.
  • When using with carbonated drinks, avoid unnecessary shaking and take care when opening.
  • Caution: alcoholic, fermented or nutrient-rich beverages may cause excessive pressure to build up inside the bottle.
  • SIGG bottles are not suitable for the long-term storage of drinks. We recommend you enjoy your beverage while it is still fresh. This will also help reduce tea stains and make it easier for you to keep your SIGG bottle clean.
  • Fill bottle to no more than 3 cm/1¼ in. below the rim.
  • Do not use for non-drinkable substances, e.g. liquid fuels or other flammable, corrosive or chemical substances.
  • Not suitable for the microwave (risk of explosion), not for cooking or for deep freezing. Bottle can be placed in the refrigerator.
  • Always check that the drinking cap is firmly in place.
  • Take care when using with hot drinks (risk of burning).