A Little Trekker's Favourite – The Monsal Trail!

A Little Trekker's Favourite – The Monsal Trail! I know several of the Little Trekkers have recently visited the Monsal Trail in Derbyshire. We cycled the trail with our two children when it had just opened and really enjoyed it, especially the tunnels and cycling through the old stations with the platform edges perfect for picnics and snacks. This time though our ride was slightly different as we had four children in tow (luckily not literally!), with our two nieces with us for a day out, Jessie who is just 9, and Ruby who is 6.It was October half term and we were spending a week down in Derbyshire at my parents' house. My sister and her family finally got the keys to their new house on the Wednesday, and with all the packing and moving of boxes to be sorted we decided it would be good to get the kids out on their bikes and burning some energy. Having already done the Monsal Trail, and knowing that parking is good for Mavis the Motorhome, we headed off, grateful for the extra 2 seats in the Motorhome to seat all the children. It was a crisp cold beginning of winter type day, so togged up with many layers we headed out (after a limited amount of faff considering we had doubled the parent/child ratio for the day) and got onto the trail at Bakewell. It’s a perfect trail for beginners, Jessie was proudly riding her new fantastic lightweight “triathlon” style bike she had for her birthday and trying to race against our heavy-ish tandem which was carrying Ollie and I. She was quite taken aback to find that with “Ollie and Aunty Emma” power we could zoom off at quite a rate which lead to lots of races and sprints along the way! Georgie set off on the LOCT seat on the front of Daves bike (which unfortunately we didn’t get chance to take a photo of) for the first time, and she adored it. It involves sitting on a specially designed bike saddle and holding onto the handle bars more and being in a more “biking” position for the child, so we knew she wouldn’t last too long and also took the normal green “i-bert” front seat on the tandem too. She adored the LOCT seat and with practice she’ll be on it more over the next few months as she begins to outgrow the i-bert.Ruby and Ollie who are now the same size were able to take it in turns on the back of the tandem giving them a rest from the stearing and amount of concentration required for solo riding. One thing to note on these trails or cycling in general with kids, remember that children have a tendancy to just occasionally stop dead in their tracks in front of you and you end up with that stomach in your throat moment where the person following closely behind them has a near miss in bumping them off the track in dramatic style!The tunnels, as always, were a huge hit (must remember to take bike lights next time) and we enjoyed sandwich and snack stops on the way, returning to the motorhome to make some hot chocolate to warm up. It was a great ride out with the kids and they all really enjoyed it. Written by Emma Lunn on Saturday, 24 November 2012. Posted in Cycling, Midlands Ambassador Articles The Monsal Trail - Orla's StoryThe Monsal Trail - Reuben's Story Fun Stuff Articles Child Friendly Disused Railway Cycle Trails cycling, Peak District About the Author Emma Lunn About Me & MineI'm Emma, a part time planner and a full time mummy to two gorgeous children, Ollie who is 5 and Georgie who is 1. I'm married to Dave who's a primary teacher.Favourite place in the world Is where we live, Kendal and the Lake District around us. It is just beautiful and magical and an amazing place for Little Trekkers' Adventures.Favourite things to do outdoors Family bike rides, camping, cycle camping, walks, picnics (all year!), outdoor swimming, parks and playgrounds. Leave a comment You are commenting as guest. Submit comment jQuery(function($) { $('#comments').Comment({ cookiePrefix

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