A Ropes Course

A Ropes Course Last week we were having one of 'those' days, when it was clear that we needed to go out. After being relatively sedate for a few days, Emily was bouncing off the walls, but coming up with a safe (yet exhausting) activity for a child with a fractured jaw, is not as easy as it seems. And yes, my 4 year old did manage to fracture her own jaw - let's just say that the bike accident was fairly spectacular. In the end we settled on a ropes course, which may sound slightly insane, but we figured at least if Emily was tied to a wire and wearing a harness she couldn't fall and knock her chin (that was the theory anyway).The girls had a brilliant time on the ropes course, and for the first time ever Emily attempted the second, slightly harder, kids course. She loved it, and insisted on doing it until we ran out of time. By the end she was bouncing across the most difficult elements with an enormous grin on her face, and hurling herself down the zip line.I am not totally sure this is what the Dr had in mind when he said she needed to be 'quiet', but given what we are working with, I thought it went rather well.Plus she was exhausted and happy at the end of it. And the parent of a bold and fearless 4 year old, I personally love ropes courses. The perceived danger (to the child) is quite high, but the actual danger (on a well thought out and maintained course) is almost non existent. It challenges a child both physically and mentally, whilst remaining very safe. If you are lucky enough to have a ropes course nearby, I highly recommend a visit. Written by Fiona Moore on Tuesday, 15 November 2011. Posted in Europe Switzerland, woodland Related Articles A Trip to the Woods About the Author Fiona Moore About Me & MineI am Fiona, wife to Nigel and mum to Sofie (9) and Emily (7). We live in Switzerland and fill our days with craft, playing and exploring. We like mess, noise and being outside.Favourite place in the world The mountains. The whole family love hiking and skiing, so the mountains offer year round entertainment. Plus we live in Switzerland so we have plenty of choice when it comes to exploring mountains!Favourite things to do outdoors Ski, sled, swim, get muddy, camp, build fires, make noise, run around, collect stuff, hike, ride bikes, explore and be together as a family. If its outside then we will probably like it. Leave a comment You are commenting as guest. Submit comment jQuery(function($) { $('#comments').Comment({ cookiePrefix

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