A Sunflower House

A Sunflower House Last year the girls and I created our very first Sunflower House in the back garden. We were inspired after reading the beautiful book, 'Sunflower House' by Eve Bunting. We started by putting a selection of sunflower seeds into peat pots. We used several varieties of sunflower, the only criteria being that had to be capable of growing to at least 1.5 metres in height. Once most of them had sprouted, we marked out a rough circle on the lawn (checking it was big enough to accommodate two children) and planted them out.Our sunflower house grew quickly, and once flowers started to appear we decided to celebrate with a sunflower themed picnic.I made invitations using photos of our sunflower house, and printed off sunflower colouring pages from the Internet. The girls made sunflower fairy crowns.Our lunch - which was eaten inside the sunflower house - consisted of;Melon cut into flower shapes (green plate) Orange and green pasta with green pesto (green bowl) Chocolate cakes with sunflower icing (yellow plate) Sandwiches in the shape of flowers, butterflies, and snails (orange plate) A giant sunflower made from peppers, tomatoes, cucumber, and mint leaves (centrepiece) We finished up with yellow jelly (not in the photo). We drank Sunflower squash (orange and pineapple juice). Afterwards we lay back and appreciated the view, and counted all the different insects that came to visit.Eventually as the weather turned cooler our sunflower house began to wilt, but even then we collected the petals to scatter into our baths, harvested the seeds to feed to the birds, and also saved some seeds to grow a new sunflower house this year. We were late planting our seeds this year, but our sunflower house is just coming into bloom, and our picnic is scheduled for later this week.This would have to be one of my all time favourite gardening activities to do with young children. It is easy, fast, and offers a lot of scope for play and learning. We love our sunflower house. Written by Fiona Moore on Monday, 19 September 2011. Posted in Europe gardening, Switzerland Related Articles Cherry Picking About the Author Fiona Moore About Me & MineI am Fiona, wife to Nigel and mum to Sofie (9) and Emily (7). We live in Switzerland and fill our days with craft, playing and exploring. We like mess, noise and being outside.Favourite place in the world The mountains. The whole family love hiking and skiing, so the mountains offer year round entertainment. Plus we live in Switzerland so we have plenty of choice when it comes to exploring mountains!Favourite things to do outdoors Ski, sled, swim, get muddy, camp, build fires, make noise, run around, collect stuff, hike, ride bikes, explore and be together as a family. If its outside then we will probably like it. Leave a comment You are commenting as guest. Submit comment jQuery(function($) { $('#comments').Comment({ cookiePrefix

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