A Visit to a Windmill

A Visit to a Windmill One of the places we visited on our recent UK trip was the rather wonderful Willesborough windmill in Kent. http //www.willesboroughwindmill.co.uk/ We went on a Wednesday afternoon during term time, so we were actually the only visitors. However they seemed quite happy to start a tour just for us anyway - thanks John!The history of the windmill was interesting, and the girls were fascinated by how the windmill worked, and loved being able to explore the various levels (even the level that was up a narrow-ish ladder, and proved much too scary for one member of our party...)There was a lot for them to look at and touch, and they even got to grind some grain by hand which they thought was fantastic. However they were both in agreement that grinding wheat by hand is hard work, and they were quite happy to buy a bag of ready ground flour from the shop on the way out. Written by Fiona Moore on Monday, 30 July 2012. Posted in South East Fun Stuff Articles From Windy Miller to Wind Farms Tags windmills Related Articles Make Your Own Stick Boat About the Author Fiona Moore About Me & MineI am Fiona, wife to Nigel and mum to Sofie (9) and Emily (7). We live in Switzerland and fill our days with craft, playing and exploring. We like mess, noise and being outside.Favourite place in the world The mountains. The whole family love hiking and skiing, so the mountains offer year round entertainment. Plus we live in Switzerland so we have plenty of choice when it comes to exploring mountains!Favourite things to do outdoors Ski, sled, swim, get muddy, camp, build fires, make noise, run around, collect stuff, hike, ride bikes, explore and be together as a family. If its outside then we will probably like it. Leave a comment You are commenting as guest. Submit comment jQuery(function($) { $('#comments').Comment({ cookiePrefix

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