Amazing Glendurgan

“Look at this picture, Mummy! I wish we could go there again. It was amazing!” James was showing me a photo of the famous maze at the National Trust’s Glendurgan Garden. Normally, when he says something like this, I have to smile sympathetically and explain that the place is just too far away to visit. But since we were actually in Cornwall, it was very easy to make a small boy very happy.

If you’ve ever seen a photo of the maze at Glendurgan, you’ll understand James’s enthusiasm. It is a brilliant maze, planted almost 200 years ago by the Fox family to entertain their twelve children, so there’s something quite satisfying in the knowledge that it continues to delight so many children to this day. It’s genuinely perplexing full of twists and turns and ‘I’ve been here before’ moments, and so when you eventually gain the thatched hut at its centre, you really do feel quite pleased with yourself.

There’s plenty more to Glendurgan besides the maze. The garden is a delight, with its nooks and crannies and secret passageways, and the exotic plants and flowers make you feel like a jungle explorer. The garden slopes down to the hamlet of Durgan with its compact cottages, beach, and views over the Helford River and the open sea. It’s a great place to skim stones, potter around the rockpools, or just sit and contemplate the view. There’s also a rotating rope swing known as Giant’s Stride, which is suitable for Daddies as well as for Little Trekkers. Be warned that this activity is very tiring for Daddies, and they will probably need a trip to the excellent tearoom to recover from their exertions!

Written by Helen & Ian on Tuesday, 07 November 2017.

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