Autumn Leaves

Something we lack a bit in the northwest are those beautiful cathedral like woods with tall stretching beech trees. Of course in the autumn nothing much can beat a cold walk with the leaves gently tumbling down to the ground and the smell of snow in the air. It just so happened that we were over near Dunkeld visiting friends this weekend and after sitting out the rain in a coffee shop wondering what to do next I suddenly remembered the Hermitage Walks. I hadn’t really been there before so was intrigued to explore.

The rain stopped and the sun came out. It was the east after all, in the west particularly this year it would be a reduction in the intensity of rain followed by a heavier down pour! We may have opted for another coffee but here on the east a leg stretch was in order.We set out from the car park and followed the path along the River Braan, which was in spate. I wasn’t disappointed the trees were beautiful and we picked up leaves as we went along.Not knowing what to expect we arrived at a couple of rapids and a big pool. Lazily gazing at the water Finlay suddenly pointed and said he had seen a salmon jump.

A little further on there was a strange building called Ossian’s Hall. It’s very deceptive as the first little room you go into is all dark and appears to be a dead end expect for another door. On first investigation the door didn’t move but with a little detective work I realized that it slid to one side and there beyond was a spectacular view of the Black Linn Falls. It was stunning and a real surprise. I think if we had stayed long enough we might have seen salmon working their way up the waterfall but it was getting late and the lady turned up to lock the hall up for the night.We took our leaves back home later and made some pictures. Sometimes the best days out are the ones you didn’t plan for or expect it was a really lovely place and worth another trip.

Written by Jennie Abell on Tuesday, 24 October 2017.

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Jay Greengrass 31 October 2017 at 11 18 | # Wow! Look at that river!! And I have an 11 yo here who is cooing over your heart-shaped leaf (bottom right of the your photo). Yes, I definitely agree about the best walks often being sudden impulse ones. I've never been on the Hermitage Walks but keep hearing about the whole area - definitely on my Must Visit list now.

Jennie Abell 08 November 2017 at 10 47 | # Well spotted I hadn't seen the heart shaped leaf!

Helen and Ian 04 November 2017 at 17 49 | # Definitely a great place and one we used to go to frequently. Venturing out onto the rocks is a favourite for James (if rather heart-stopping for me!)

Jennie Abell 08 November 2017 at 11 00 | # Wow you are a very tolerant Mum! Did you used to leave near by?

Indy 29 November 2017 at 14 13 | # What a lovely post! Very inspirational, and couldn't agree more...I have a 4 year old who loves to catch the leaves as they fall! 


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