Blue bird day

It was a glorious day in the mountains and we wanted the little dude to experience them properly and fortunately I knew the perfect walk for it. It was -6 but the sun was beating down so with factor 50, sunglasses, down jackets and snowboots on Jasper and I headed out for a day on the mountain. On the way we stopped off at the lift office to get Jasper his first season pass at the ripe old age of 6 months for a whopping €2.

Lift passes in hand we joined the queue for the DMC cable car. It was beautiful busy day in February so we had to jostle with a lot of skiiers to get on the lift - most people not noticing the little dude in the sling - up to 2111 metres. Here we got off and headed for the walking trail to lac Besson. This area of Alpe d’huez is a wonderland all year round. In the summer there are four gorgeous lakes between the lift and Alpette, a great spot for running, walking cycling and fishing. But today the snow was untouched and glistening in the sunlight.

We headed out of the lift and across the slope to the start of the trail. Always interesting crossing a ski slope on foot, definitely not one for the faint hearted. This epic walk meanders along an undulating trail at the side of an epic band of cliffs. It follows the cross country ski route and has spectacular mountain views everywhere you look - and we were the only ones on it - perfect. After about 25 minutes we got to Chalet Du Lac Besson where we met my dad who had been out skiing. This is one of my favourite places in the winter as you feel like you have stumbled across a secret with amazing food, slightly off the beaten path for most skiers.

Jasper had been sleeping through the walk so far but woke up to the sound of his beloved grandpa’s voice. After a lovely pit stop and some play time for Jasper we headed on to alpette and then looped back round to the lift. Fortunately this time he was awake taking it all in. I love seeing his face when he experiences something new and exciting in nature, just pure wonderment and curiosity. Makes carrying all 10kg of him around for hours on end worth every second. On the way down we were the only ones in the lift. I can't wait to bring Jasper back on this walk in late spring to show him how it's changed.


Written by Anna Gunn on Saturday, 03 March 2018.

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