Boat. Beach. BBQ!

Boat, beach, BBQ – three words which generate excitement in children and adults alike. On a fun-packed trip to visit friends near Padstow, Cornwall our first day out culminated with this trio of promised fun. We'd already been body-boarding that day, and surfing the dunes on our boards. Any normal group of people would have collapsed on the sofa after all that fresh air. We however headed out on our bikes down to the harbour where we clambered aboard the rib.

We zoomed out across the water to a little deserted beach and set up camp for the evening. The BBQ was set up and sausages sizzled while the kids ran off to collect driftwood for the fire, throwing the odd stick in the water for the dog too. After a while they donned their wetsuits and lifejackets and jumped in the freezing water for a swim while the grownups tended the fire, staying warm.Once the incoming tide had swallowed our fire, we got back in the boat for an exciting night time ride back to padstow where we got back on out bikes and cycled the big hill home in the dark whereupon we did all collapse- the kids into bed and the grown ups, well, into bed too!!


Written by Deborah Patterson on Friday, 26 January 2018.

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Kerry Teague 28 January 2018 at 21 18 | # That sounds like pretty much the perfect day, Deborah. I imagine everyone slept very well that night!

Indy Dhillon 05 February 2018 at 16 05 | # Welcome to the Little Trekkers Family Deborah. A lovely read - looking forward to reading about all your adventures 

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