Britain's Best Rockpool?

Britain's Best Rockpool? Living on the Gower Peninsula we are absolutely spoilt for choice on beaches, both within walking distance and slightly further afield. With Daddy back from his travels for a few days, and the sun finally out, we've made the most of the weekend and had a few beach based adventures! Gower being on the Bristol Channel (with the second highest tidal range in the world) means that the tides are a consideration for quite a few of our favourite walks. Having checked the tide tables we headed out to what's been voted 'Britain's best Rock pool!' - Blue Pool, hidden between the huge beach at Rhosilli and Broughton Bay.Setting off with the baby rucksack we were slightly early and our route around the bottom of the cliffs wasn't quite yet passable, so we had a good explore of some of the smaller bays and smaller rock pools, and got the tiny pocket kite out for a bit more entertainment! The tide was finally out enough for us to make it round to Blue Pool (the other route is a scramble down from the cliff top - something we'd decided wouldn't be particularly do-able with Jemima excited in her rucksack!) and it was definitely worth the wait! It's a perfect spherical pool - around 4m wide and 4 m deep - with overhanging rocks at perfect heights to jump in from! Jemima decided that she didn't fancy a swim, so had fun playing with barnacles whilst we took it in turns to leap in - gorgeously refreshing especially as we were the only people there that day without wetsuits on!!We only had about 1 hr at the pool before the tides meant we had to turn around and head back, but stopping again for some sandcastle construction, kite flying, and a wave at a passing helicopter! Home to check the tide tables for another adventure the next day.... Written by Elizabeth Vancura on Monday, 30 July 2012. Posted in Beside the Seaside, South Wales beach, kites, rock climbing, rock pools Related Articles The Happiest Little Camper! About the Author Elizabeth Vancura About Me & MineWe are Elizabeth, Peter and Jemima (almost 2). We moved back to Mumbles, Swansea (on the beautiful Gower) when we had Jemima after a long while living on the South Coast. We're loving giving Jemima a taste of the great outdoors, and a love of all things muddy/ sandy/ surf related that we can! Having met and worked as SCUBA instructors in Malaysia many years ago, and both travelled lots for work, Jemima has proved most adaptable to "continent hopping" and enjoys seeing the world!Favourite place in the world Tricky! We're rather spoilt by having the whole of the Gower on our doorstep - Pwll Du beach which you can only reach by foot being a particular favourite! Our other favourite beach is a secret one in Penang, Malaysia - 12 years ago you could only get there by hiking through the jungle for a few hours - now it's part of a National Park and Jemima had a very fun boat trip to get there!Favourite things to do outdoors We have a particular leaning towards water based activities, and we're now including a bit more child friendly surfing along with the diving. We also love any kind of walking - be it a wander along the seafront to our favourite playground, or a great big hike in the Brecon Beacons and beyond. When we can we also fit in a bit of cycling, canoeing (big, open Canadian canoe types) and a lot of camping in our new family sized tent. Comments (1) Mary 30 July 2012 at 20 38 | # She'll be fearless! I can't wait to go to Blue Pool. reply Leave a comment You are commenting as guest. Submit comment jQuery(function($) { $('#comments').Comment({ cookiePrefix

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