But Where Are The Cows, Mummy?

But Where Are The Cows, Mummy? To say we are regular visitors to the lifeboat station in Hoylake is a bit of an understatement. In fact it's one of my go to motivational tools (aka bribes!) - "if you help mummy get the shopping done nice and quickly then we might have time to pop and see the lifeboats on the way home." Well finally all our lifeboat stalking had paid off, there was an exercise planned and for once it didn't coincide with bed time.As usual we were running late, I’m still not entirely up to speed at getting two Little Trekkers ready and out the door! Luckily the promenade at Hoylake has lovely wide pavements, perfect for whizzing along on scooters, so the boys were able to rush off while I got Sophie ready. I really wouldn't have been in James good books if he'd have missed his beloved Lifeboat. We managed to time it perfectly and got there just in time to see the lifeboat crew donning their life jackets and getting ready to launch the boat. I was expecting a bit of a crowd but there was only a couple of other people there, obviously not everybody is quite so boat obsessed as James, not that I’m complaining as it meant we got a great spot right at the front overlooking the beach.James is a typical little boy and is very into all things transport based. But even I can see why he loves the lifeboat so much, it really is a very impressive machine. It's not really your bog standard lifeboat, well the boat bit is, it's the tractor to tow it out which makes it so special. We're not blessed with lovely sandy beaches on the Wirral, so the lifeboat needs to be able to make it's way across a big muddy expanse before it can launch. Hence the monster tractor/bulldozer/submersible of little boys dreams to tow it out. It was so impressive that James stood silently in awe while it made it's way down on to the beach – it takes a lot to shut James up!Unfortunately the tide was out so the boat had a long trek before it could launch. It wasn't long before it disappeared out of sight and it was time to seek out a better vantage point. We didn't have to go far, with the pirate ship “Grace Darling” being right next to the lifeboat station. We were able to clamber up and watch the lifeboat as it trundled its way across the beach and into the sea. It wasn't long before we could see the small tractor and trailer with the launch crew returning and James excitedly ran over to welcome them back. As they made their way up the slipway, James' smile disappeared “but where are the cows mummy” In James' little world, tractors equals farmers which equals cows and he'd assumed the lifeboat was on a daring mission to rescue drowning cows. It just shows how little he listens to me when we visit while he's busy gazing up at his favourite machines. Written by Helena Carey on Tuesday, 17 June 2014. Posted in North West boating, RNLI Related Articles Captain Jack is Back About the Author Helena Carey About Me & MineJames' family is James' (aged 7 months), daddy - Dominic, mummy - Helena and Jarvis the dog. We currently live in Norwich but head to the mountains of Snowdonia and the Lake District as often as we can.Before James was born we were a very active family doing lots of canoeing, hill walking, camping and snowboarding. Since having James we are determined that having a family and enjoying the outdoors are both possible. We are keen to make sure James can not only join in with our adventures, but that he will be happy and comfortable at the same time.Favourite place in the world It's a tough choice but Arisaig on the West coast of Scotland gets our vote. With the whitest sand and bluest sea we've seen, you have to keep reminding yourself you're in Scotland rather than a tropical paradise. The views out towards the Small Isles and the Cuillins on Skye are stunning; it really is a magical place. With sea kayaks it's easy to find your own private beach - well apart from the odd otter (real ones rather than Spotty ones) and seal to share it with. It's definitely somewhere we plan to take James to as soon as possible.Favourite things to do outdoors We are keen canoeists and love to get out on the water as much as possible - whitewater, flat water touring or sea kayaking; we're not fussed as long as it's wet. We are both qualified instructors and enjoy passing on our love of paddle sports to others at our local canoe club. We have already has our own little bow paddler in the making, James, out in the canoe and are looking forward to many more trips.We also do a lot of walking. We get out everyday to visit our local woods and parks to walk our coker spaniel, Jarvis. When we get the chance though, we prefer something a bit more challenging and regularly visit the mountains of Snowdonia and the Lake District. James' dad Dom, is a qualified mountain leader and is keen to pass on these skils as soon as possible. Leave a comment You are commenting as guest. Submit comment jQuery(function($) { $('#comments').Comment({ cookiePrefix

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