Egg Hunting

I have noticed a recurring theme in my posts, that being the weather. It seems that this very British of obsessions has followed me into the Alps and I find it hard not to mention at least a passing comment on the days really does shape our outdoor world! Sometimes it would be handy to be able to control said weather, the rather wobbly and cold start we've had to Spring this year has meant planning outdoor activities a bit tricky.

Swinging back the shutters on Easter Sunday revealed yet another snowy morning and a groan of disappointment from us all - for today was Egg Hunting day. What we really needed was blue skies and a warm sun, not grey skies and snow underfoot. In our five years living here I think we have now seen all weathers at Easter. While pregnant with our littlest Trekker, it was a balmy 25c, which I will always remember clearly, as not only did I look like an Easter egg that year, I felt I might also go the same way as the rapidly melting chocolate Ouefs. This years snow at Easter was most unwelcome - whilst it might provide perfect cover for hiding eggs it didn't really inspire anyone to hang out in a park for the afternoon.

By lunchtime however, the miraculous had happened and the sun decided show its face, quickly melting the unwanted snow. Ninety coloured paper eggs were hidden in and around the park; eighteen children split into teams were tasked with finding them all and delivering them back to base. It is wonderful to see so many children running around in the Spring sunshine, encouraging little brothers and sisters, shouting with excitement while they clambered over each other to reach the eggs. When all ninety had been found each child was able to swap paper eggs for the real deal - a goody bag filled with chocolate. Heaven!

As is tradition, a table full of Easter cakes and treats soon had a queue of hungry pink cheeked children. An impromptu game of football was started up in one corner of the park, while others took themselves off to the climbing frame or rode their bikes. There were no big hikes up mountains, epic bike rides through forests or amazing days on skis that day. The simple gathering of friends in the park (ok, with the added bonus of handfuls of chocolate!) was enough for all our Little Trekkers. After a long winter, the yearly Egg Hunt seems to mark the start of outdoor life in our corner of the Alps, whatever the weather wants to throw at us.

Written by Nicola Siggs on Monday, 02 April 2018.

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Kerry Teague 16 April 2018 at 11 41 | # That looks like great fun for parents and kids alike. Love the bunny outfit. I imagine that required a lot of skill to cycle while wearing!

Nancy Chambers 19 April 2018 at 21 25 | # That looks like great fun for all ) Some happy kids with those bags of eggs!

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