Exploring the Tuki Tuki

Our newest cycle route follows both sides of the Tuki Tuki river – what a great sounding word! It flows 117km from the Ruahine Ranges to the Pacific Ocean at the southern end of Hawke`s Bay near Hastings and has cycle trails running along parts of it from our little town.

As soon as our much anticipated container arrived from the UK, with all our outdoor gear, the bikes were the first things to be re-assembled and helmets donned and we were free to ride again!

Bikes are such a great way to explore local landscape and we are so lucky to have a couple of great river side cycle trails to get on. Eomer has progressed to the Ila bike – with 7 gears, so exciting! – and Ramona now has a bike with a bigger frame than mine! Off we go!

Eomer (hence forth known as The Eagle, as the pictures will explain) travelled alongside me experimenting with gears, progressing from super spin to toughie and all the way back through them, as we rode while Ramona in her awesome Bern helmet shot on ahead to each next bend in the river.

At the natural end to the trail we stopped to play, paddle and admire the gorgeous river views and skies. Early winter time in Hawkes Bay and still

Written by Ruth Lively-Masters on Saturday, 16 July 2016.

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