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You know sometimes on a long journey you see a sign for something and you spend the rest of the journey wondering what it would have been like inside? Well we passed Morere Hot Springs on our journey to Gisborne and we all went "ooh, that looks awesome" then the sign and turn off flew past and on we travelled to Gisborne.

However, this time, we set off home a little early to MAKE SURE we stopped to actually explore - And we were so glad we did! In a landscape where most of the native bush had been cleared for farming, suddenly the hillside was covered in tree ferns and huge Nickau palms. And who can resist the temptation of a hot pool...will the novelty of thermally heated water ever wear off?!I still find it such an amazing country with all the active fault lines and techtonics and these primitive vents shooting up.

What an exciting land under the earth!Apparently these hot springs had been tapped by pakeha (white NZ) for decades and a series of mountain walks led to a range of pools at different places. Over time the land moved (earthquakes again) and slipped and now only 3 pools were still in action.

With the light flickering through the leaves, the kids Banz did a fine job of filtering the rays and a really well marked led us up and over enormous palms and under Jurassic World style ferns; it almost felt like a triceratops (or similar scary beast) would burst out through the bushes as any point! We found the pools and took a dip - there was no smell this time which was interesting, and much more pleasant.

There was a whole range of pool temperatures to choose from cool, hot and super hot! Wow!We returned to the start point where we swum again in yet another tree shrouded cool pool and picnicked listening to the glorious Tui and of course the ever present sparrow and goldfinch. A gorgeous hidden gem of a discovery - so glad we did the spur of the moment detour and explored rather than just wondered from afar. A very 'clean' adventure!


Written by Ruth Lively-Masters on Sunday, 12 February 2017.

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Comments (2) Kathryne 21 February 2017 at 15 08 | # It looks like you had a fabulous day out, even if it was unplanned. They usually tend to be the best ones.

Ruth Lively-Masters 06 June 2017 at 00 09 | # Yes! Always have a spare change of clothes and togs in the car, just in case ;) 


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