Growing Little Beans

Growing Little Beans The recent sunshine beams seem to have brought everything bursting to leaf and flower before our very eyes. The buddlia and willow stems have doubled in height virtually overnight and even our own little bean Eomer is swinging around in too short trousers all of a sudden! One spectacular weekend had us planting our own yearly mini-crops broad beans, redcurrants and lettuce and watering potatoes (and each other!) and re-rooting some willow. We have a pretty guerrilla gardening approach to planting and a lot of it simply becomes survival of the fittest in our jungle of a garden. Our Little Trekkers love potting and burying seeds and I’m especially looking forward to our bumper lettuce harvest after Eomer poured the whole packet of seeds into the soil – eek! Watering up the steep terraces is always an ordeal but definitely (once mummy has lugged up the gallons of water!) a favourite job. Quiet time for reading and more essential ladder climbing make for a perfect garden day. Back in the woods our Forest School adventures have had involved more planting and growing (hello Mr Grass Gnome!) lots of swinging from trees, bird watching and making nests. All wonderful springtime moments we love. More please Mr Sunshine! Written by Ruth Lively-Masters on Thursday, 09 May 2013. Posted in South West Ambassador Articles Little Helper Growing Chillies Fun Stuff Articles How to Grow Your Own Tomatoes Tags den building, forest schools, gardening Related Articles Hunting in Hedgerows About the Author Ruth Lively-Masters About Me & MineHaving lived in N. Devon for the last 12 years, we recently moved across to the other side of the world and now live in New Zealand on the North Island. Our adventurous family includes my husband Phil and 2 small cheeky children Ramona 8½ and Eomer 5½. I have a wonderful day job as Lead teacher in the sensory unit of an SEN school and spend as much time as possible outside, exploring nature and environments both on our doorstep and further afield. Favourite place in the world Hmm, that's really tough! I loved the west coast forests of British Columbia in Canada, such a humbling, incredible place - tall trees right down to the big ocean waves. There's a whole lot of other places I'd love to explore though...moving to New Zealand has opened up a whole world of new adventures and we’re slowly finding new favourites to add to the list. Sea, mountains and forests in any combination please!Favourite things to do outdoors Again, lots of favourites. Definitely a mix between walking, cycling, surfing, camping and exploring, combined with taking time to notice detail of a place, hear the sounds and absorb the changes over time and seasons. Active and quiet times are both invigorating for different reasons. Comments (4) Kerry Teague 16 May 2013 at 20 18 | # Isn't it great that Spring has finally sprung? Chloe has been so delighted to see her sunflowers begin to grow (in the back porch in one of the many split welly boots we have collected!) it's really inspired me to try a bit of guerilla gardening ourselves. I've also given up trying to stop Harry from digging a huge hole outside the sandpit and just enjoy watching him have so much fun. Who cares what the garden looks like - it's there to be enjoyed, isn't it? reply Jay Greengrass 17 May 2013 at 18 50 | # Argh, you've both just caught me after a bad day of trying to be really fussy with the kids and have them sow the last of our seeds 'just so'. We all ended up irritated with each other and the garden. You're absolutely right - it really doesn't matter if it's perfect or not, they'll be as delighted with one plant as with 20. I'll do better next time. And Kerry's just given me an idea for my welly that's just sprung a leak... reply Ruth Lively-Masters 22 May 2013 at 20 11 | # Yes! digging is such a natural thing for kids! and picking grass/leaves/sticky weed! love the idea of split wellie pots, awesome! reply Ruth Lively-Masters 22 May 2013 at 20 13 | # and on the window sill i now have about a hundred coriander seeds - incredibly ALL seem to have sprouted! parsely grows year after year in the garden coriander that hardy perchance?! reply Leave a comment You are commenting as guest. Submit comment jQuery(function($) { $('#comments').Comment({ cookiePrefix

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