Homemade Bonfire Night 2017

So for the past few years we have been going to the local bonfire night, there is usually one in the village and the kids can muck around with their friends in the mud. I guess the muddy mess might have been easier to contain with new Bogs as waterproof footwear but it was not to be! This year however the whole of Lochaber failed to get a license to run any bonfire event! Strange. The nearest one was a 1 ½ hours drive away in either Oban or Inverness!

Well we might not have bothered except that Sunday was a good forecast all frosty and stars. So I pulled out some sausages from the freezer, we packed the sparklers, firebox and drove to Creag Meagaidh for a frosty autumn walk before the sun went down. Then as the cold set in we headed to the lochside in the dark were we cooked sausages on the firebox and with cold fingers and toes ate them quickly. The boys had two boxes of sparklers and entertained us with their display; we even got a strange ghoulish face in the firebox! Torrin also managed to set fire to a little clump of grass with his sparkler, ‘I was just seeing what would happen Mummy’. Then the best firework of all, the moon came up, absolutely stunning.


The cold toes were rapidly getting worse and finally got the better of me, that and the fact that Matt had decided to work on getting a perfect shot of the moon with the camera, which I could see would take far longer than my tolerance was able to cope with! We headed back home to a warm fire and hot chocolate. Homemade events are quite often the best. It’s just a shame the aurora hadn’t been out that night!

Written by Jennie Abell on Wednesday, 08 November 2017.

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