Man the Lifeboat!

Man the Lifeboat! It was supposed to be a relaxing playgroup day out to Pickie Fun Park in the North Down seaside resort of Bangor. Unfortunately rain was forecast for most of the morning, so the plans were changed from a splash in the paddling pool, to a visit to the local RNLI station. Trankslink did an awesome job of safely transporting 20 odd three and four year olds plus entourage by train from Belfast to Bangor. This was VERY exciting as the little faces clearly show. But the biggest excitement was yet to come! Just as we arrived to have a nosey round, the pagers went off and in a matter of minutes, there were yellow and navy-clad people clambering aboard.Apparently, there was a dog in distress in the water on the other side of Belfast Lough! We were told they usually don’t rescue animals but in this case, they didn’t want the owner to enter the water so they were off!We just about got time to count the crew members (4, in case you're interested) before they disappeared. It was VERY impressive (and reassuring) how quickly it all happened and I really hope they managed to rescue the dog. All that was left for us to do was have a quick tour of the station – the children had a great time trying on all the gear, then head over to Pickie for a go on the Pickie Puffer and to scoff a yummy ice-cream before catching the train home. I can’t believe my Littlest Trekker has finished playgroup already but she had a fantastic year which ended with a brilliant trip out. Here’s to the next big adventure – nursery school in September – eek! Written by Kerry Teague on Monday, 14 July 2014. Posted in Northern Ireland RNLI Related Articles Waiting for the Tide About the Author Kerry Teague About Me & MineAshley (Dad/ 3rd child/ chief photographer). Me - Kerry (Mum/ the sensible one... sometimes). Harry (10) can't (won’t?) sit still unless he’s bow paddler and Chloe (nearly 8), likes to cartwheel everywhere and critically analyse Harry’s paddling techniques. It’s definitely time to start saving for a second open boat! We spend as much time as possible having "adventures" (which consist of anything which takes place outside and is accompanied by official “adventure sweeties” – the chewing of which delays Chloe’s critiques and gives Harry’s ears a rest). If only he’d realise how much she adores him!Favourite place in the world Ashley and me - Strangford Lough, The Mourne Mountains, anywhere outside with the Little Trekkers, especially when the sun is shining (snow is a bonus!). Harry – Alan’s farm. Can occasionally be persuaded elsewhere if it requires a paddle or harness to get to. Chloe - anywhere as long as it's outside and preferably with a big brother to emulate and somewhere to toast marshmallows. Lying in the hammock in a forest listening to a good audiobook is another firm favourite. (Mine too, if I ever got the chance!)Favourite things to do outdoors Biking, climbing, canoeing, digging holes on the beach, jumping in rivers, having campfires, looking for squirrels, butterflies, crabs and basking sharks. Reading Harry Potter aloud under a tarp at bedtime on Salt Island has been our 2018 highlight so far. Comments (5) Helena Carey 16 July 2014 at 21 10 | # I best not let James see this - dispite all our life boat station visits (there's been a lot!) we have never seen a real life rescue. He'd be tying bricks to poor jarvis' paws then throwing him a ball into the sea if he knew the lifeboat would come out to rescue him. reply CallyW 28 July 2014 at 08 31 | # What great timing! Not for the poor pooch of course, but at least it all ended well! Fab experience for the little ones -) reply Jay Greengrass 31 July 2014 at 16 30 | # Wow! How lucky was your timing?!Good luck with nursery in September xxx reply Kerry Teague 05 August 2014 at 19 45 | # Lol! Prob better not let James see it, then. reply Kerry Teague 05 August 2014 at 19 46 | # Thx! Tissues at the ready! reply Leave a comment You are commenting as guest. Submit comment jQuery(function($) { $('#comments').Comment({ cookiePrefix

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