Meet the Knights at Linlithgow Palace

A much overdue account of our much anticipated visit to the Jousting event in Linlithgow! Where has the time gone since June! Flown - no doubt about that. The event was the main reason we had taken a detour from the Isle of Mull south - if not on the way, it was at least closer than if we had travelled from home. After our night at the campsite at the Beecraigs Country Park we were really excited to make our way to the palace.


We were not the only campers going to the afternoon event organised by Historic Environment Scotland. In fact we spotted several repeat visitors - going by the swords and little dressed up knights.With the campsite being only a few miles from the town of Linlithgow we weren't too bothered about setting off early. Something we regretted when seeing the queues of cars and walkers all snaking their way through the centre. So what was supposed to be 'in good time' was in the end 'just in time'.

As soon as we got closer to the palace or rather its ruins - it was one of the principal residences of the monarchs of Scotland in the 15th and 16th centuries - the excitement spreading was obvious. What a setting for such an event! Just as exciting as the medieval tournaments on Linlithgow Peel must have been.We joined the sizable audience on the grassy slopes and started on the lunch picnic we had brought with us whilst waiting for the tournament to start. And soon the knights in shining armour appeared on the scene and the battle commenced! It was really exciting and of course we had our favourite! Who sadly did not do too well in the first half of the tournament. But there was another half to go and plenty of time in between to go around the stalls that had lots of info about medieval times.


We lingered quite a while on the stall that talked about medicine and explained how battle wounds were treated - not for the faint-hearted!There were also some other re-enactment groups in attendance and we enjoyed watching their pretend battles. Soon it was time to regroup for the second round of the tournament and this time we grabbed a spot on the grass that was a bit closer to the action which added to the fun! And lucky us - this time our favourite knight WON! And not only that… we got a photo opportunity with him after the event!A really fun and informative event! Worth waiting for a few years until we could make it.


Written by Monika Strell on Tuesday, 26 September 2017.

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