Mis Adventures with a Dinosaur Suitcase.

During the October holidays we had a trip down south to catch up with family and friends. We have mastered the art of travelling light with as little luggage as we can get away with. It helps of course if the boys can carry their own stuff and that’s where the Little Life Dinosaur Suitcase comes into its own. It’s a bit like the Tardis it looks very small but carries an amazing amount of stuff. Torrin loves to pull it along and bump it up and down the station stairs a bit like Christopher Robin does with Pooh.This is its 4th trip it has been on to London. Last year we took it to the Natural History Museum but forgot to take a photo of it in front of Dippy the diplodocus skeleton at the entrance to the museum.

So this time we managed to remember.But the best adventure was yet to come. On our way home tired and a bit dreamy we were milling about Kings Cross station waiting for the train home. Sleepily we must have walked away from the unattended dinosaur suitcase and forgotten about it. Especially as we were captivated by the Harris Hawk in the station.At last our train was announced and we headed off to the platform only to discover that the dinosaur suitcase had gone! In our panic we didn’t register an announcement broad cast across the station asking a ‘Finlay Groves to please come to the information point’, surely it was a total coincidence that some one was on the platform with the same name as our little boy?


Anyway we had the sense to stop and ask two very helpful railway staff what we should do. We thought the suitcase had been stolen and we then realized we would have to register it with the transport police. The railways staff helped us to get bumped onto the next train and it was all of a sudden that both me and Matt suddenly realized that a ‘Finlay Groves’ had been announced just 10 minutes before that must mean that they had the suitcase as Finlay’s name was written inside. Huge relief. Re united with the naughty suitcase we boarded the next train only half an hour later.We are very thankful to those two lovely railway men who helped us, its lovely to know that there are such genuinely nice people out there ready to deal with difficult suitcases!


The Dinosaur suitcase is now safely back in the cupboard upstairs waiting for the next adventure. Lets hope it has stopped being naughty for the next trip!


Written by Jennie Abell on Tuesday, 06 December 2016. 

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Jay Greengrass 02 January 2017 at 02 08 | # Ahhh, I read the blog about the hawk first... Phew! I'm very glad you were reunited with the case! 

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