Montenegro Meanderings 1 - Kotor Bay Explorers

Kotor Bay Explorers Slightly worn down from a wet and cool and windy Scottish summer we felt the time was right to go in search of some sun in early September. Montenegro here we come! Having grown up in Austria the Adriatic coast was familiar to me but with Croatia having become quite crowded (well - for Highlanders 5+ is a crowd) we decided to venture forth and visit Montenegro. Offering a great variety of mountain and seaside it seemed the perfect location.

After seeing a program on TV a few years back that had featured the wonderful old town of Kotor I knew we would have to start our adventure by spending some time in this town and the bay surrounding it. The location of this fortified town is simply stunning -nestling underneath limestone cliffs the winding streets and squares of the medieval town offer endless opportunities to explore and indulge. All of which is more my kind of things but maybe wasn't floating the boat of the boys as much. Fair enough - we had 2 1/2 days so why not spend one on a boat trip to explore the bay and some interesting places along it.

There are many boat trips on offer and what to go for (speedboat? submarine? slow boat?) could be quite overwhelming but I had done some research and found a nice company that let you stay longer in one of the drop off locations for a slower pace, and this is what suited us best. Although I admit we were a bit jealous when the speedboats whizzed past.Kotor is very busy with cruise ships coming into the bay so our trip started with navigating around quite a few of them. The weather was lovely - distinctly warm bordering on hot for us Northerners but with a nice gentle breeze and the perfect shade under the canopy of the boat.

After a good half an hour enjoying a leisurely cruise the first stop was at the little Island 'Our Lady of the Rocks'. An artificial island created by rocks and sunken old ships it now has a Roman Catholic Church on it and a little museum. Quite a few boats were moored there and we had 20 minutes to explore. Then the onward journey took us to Perast, another very old town that had its peak during Venetian times. The choice was to stay there another 20 minutes or to add two extra hours and return to Kotor on a later boat. It's the latter we chose as we wanted some to meander around the town - which was much less crowded than the old town of Kotor.

After exploring the small street and impressive buildings - Perast was once a very wealthy town - there was plenty of time for a leisurely lunch on a vine covered veranda and a stroll along the sea front. And a LOT of looking into the sea for fish spotting. A LOT! Because there were lots of fish. Sooner than expected our two and a half ours had ended and it was time to board the little red boat again. We enjoyed the trip the other way and when spotting a nice little beach not far from our accommodation Corwin was desperate for a little swim. (That was after gazing some more into water from near the city walls. Some more fishes were spotted.) I had actually not expected that the water would be clear enough for any swimming but it was crystal clear and definitely warm if you are used to the temperatures of Scotland!

Kotor Bay was definitely an excellent start to our Montenegro explorations and starting it off with a day on the water was the perfect choice. We were ready to do something completely different the following day .... To be continued…

Written by Monika Strell on Friday, 13 October 2017.

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Comments (1) Jennie Abell 24 October 2017 at 08 40 | # The colour and light in your photos is amazing gosh I am really missing the sun. Friends went to Montenegro a while ago and also said it was lovely it might just have to go on our list of possible places to take little trekkers. 

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