Montenegro Meanderings 3 - Lipa Cave Explorers

Lipa Cave Explorers Have you had holidays where you saw an attraction signposted just as you were heading the other way or were in a hurry to move on? This happened to us with Lipa Cave near Cetinje.

Full of lunch and excited to continue our trip we meandered down towards the coast with a stunning view of blue sea and sky when in the corner of my eye I just registered a sign for LIPA CAVE - with an arrow pointing the other way. As you all know I am bit change averse when I have planned days in advance so there was no way we could just turn round. It came much more naturally to me to simply get out the overall travel plans for the week and figure out how we could get there a few days later. It's still flexible isn't it? (I was proud!)

So true to my promise a few days later we took a little detour to get us back on track for Lipa Cave - Montenegro's first and only show cave. We arrived just in time for the day's last guided tour and had a bit of time before it started to explore the amazing views all the way to Skadar Lake. When we bought the tickets we had been told the first part of the trip would be on a train - which turned out to be a little brightly coloured road train. Finally we had found the vehicle that really fitted the small and narrow mountain roads!

After a shuggly and scenic ride (just don't look down if you aren't good with heights) we arrived at the cave entrance where our guide welcomed us. A long and meandering (yes there was a lot meandering again!) set of steps took us all the way down to where the amazing cave features started. It is assumed that the locals knew about the cave a long time before it was officially 'discovered' by an English archaeologist who wrote about it in 1839. It was apparently a source of drinking water and various springs inside have names.

Stories are told and info is given by the guide all the way to the bottom of the cave followed by some time to explore and admire and take photos of the stalagmites and stalactites on your own on the way up. Having this opportunity to get a bit of time to ourselves was really welcome because there were so many amazing cave ornaments we would have otherwise missed. We could imagine how during the hot Montenegrin summers a visit to the cave - it's always between 8 and 10C - would be even more tempting and refreshing.In our case we had actually missed a heavy rainshower whilst we were inside and were awarded by an amazing rainbow as soon as we came out to take our little train up the hill again.

We love caves and have been quite to a few over the years and whilst Lipa Cave is not the biggest one we've ever visited it's charming and very accessible (no steep or very long sections of steps as in many other show caves). Perfect for little trekkers and certainly worth amending our plans a bit to be able to go and see it!

Written by Monika Strell on Tuesday, 31 October 2017.

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