Montenegro Meanderings 4 - Gone Fishing!

Reading about our Montenegro adventures you will probably ask yourselves - what, NO fishing? Naturally there was! No holiday’s complete without at least some angling adventure, so of course we had reserved a full day for some fly-fishing . With planning falling into the busy season I had the honour of organising the day (yay planning!) and with the help of the wonderful Brit at a company who specialises in organising farm stays and outdoor adventures in Montenegro; I soon settled on the area around Lake Plav in the north-east corner of the country.

A guide was booked and lots of emails where flying between me and Brit to fuel the anticipation.The river Lim, close to the town of Plav, is renowned for great fishing and with the backdrop of the Prokletije Mountains it's a stunning setting. As we were travelling through the country the excitement was growing day by day. The weather was supposed to be good (too good actually - fish need water and having been quite dry the river was low which wasn't too promising for the really big ones - but as they say - it's not all about catching) and as we drove along other stretches of river and the boys gazed longingly into some deep gorges everybody got really excited.

We spent the evening before the big day in a nice apartment in Plav and waved the Scottish angler off in the morning for his adventure. Corwin and I took the opportunity to explore the shores of Lake Plav in the morning - stunning blue sky, stunning blue water and wonderful mountain views. And more fish spotting in the lake of course. Whereas Scottish fly-fishing guided days usually stay out in the wild for lunch (too remote to backtrack to civilisation) in Montenegro there is a lunch break built into the day, which gave us an opportunity to meet up again at lunch.

We heard all about the morning's adventures and Corwin was getting more and more envious. After all he was an experienced fly-fisher too (having several dozen catches under his belt) - so why did daddy have all the fun and he could only listen? Well, the day was about to get a lot more exciting for our Little Trekker when we sprang the news on him that he could come along in the afternoon too, mainly to hang out on the river, but possibly also for a bit of fishing in the easy spots. It also meant I got a chance to finally meet Brit who had come along to take some images of the day.The afternoon started low key with some river exploring.

Put Corwin on a rocky shore and he'll be carried away in minutes redistributing rocks, building dams, splashing about, surveying aquatic life ... and it happened just like that even on the day when he was SO keen on fishing. We spent quite some time there until Stewart decided to head around the corner to a more hidden beat on the river, freeing up his guide Oki to take Corwin under his wing for a bit. He was very proud to be handed a rod and swapped some fishing tales with the guide before casting his first fly.

Brit and I were chatting about all matters adventure tourism and social media when we suddenly heard the excited 'FISH ON' scream from Corwin. He had indeed caught a little Chub! His first international catch. Size irrelevant in that case. A few minutes later he had another take but the fish got off. He was very, very proud and had grown a few centimetres over the course of his success. More expert-talk with Oki followed and it was really quite something to see them together, perched on a rock talking fish and flies for a good while.

A bit more river play followed and then it was time to wrap up the boys' day of International Fly-Fishing in Montenegro.,We all vowed to come back soon for more fly-fishing and excellent food and wonderful people, because there was no doubt that we had all fallen in love with this place.

Written by Monika Strell on Wednesday, 29 November 2017.

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Brit 06 December 2017 at 05 12 | # So great to meet your family Monika. And thank you for the privilege of allowing us to introduce you to the goodness of Montenegro farm stays as a meanderbug. Hope to see you soon and to be able to see Corwin catching some big ones next time. 

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