Moonscape at Marloes Sands

Moonscape at Marloes Sands What do you look for when choosing a beach? For us, a great setting and clean water are a good start, but we also like more than that. Something a bit different, far-flung, with spectacular scenery and maybe a bit of effort required to get there. After all, it’s not just a trip to the beach, it’s an adventure… A recent trip to Marloes Sands ticked all of these boxes, although of course, with two young boys, the bar for qualifying as ‘far flung’ and ‘effort required’ is rather lower than it used to be! It’s a half-mile walk to the beach from the National Trust car park.Ready for action at the beach!Big Brother was so keen to get there, he set off at a sprint, in wetsuit, waterproof, and rucksack, with bucket and spade. We’ve taken to putting him in his wetsuit before we set off, and making it clear that he has to carry everything he wants to take (there and back!) I can recommend this strategy. After all, we grown-ups have enough to carry, and it soon puts paid to any requests to bring back interesting but heavy ‘souvenirs’.Playing in the streamWhen we reached the beach, the boys were delighted to find there was a small stream running down the beach and they spent a while digging along its course. The beach is backed by spectacular cliffs and strewn with outcrops of ragged and jagged rocks, rather like the moonscape of the Glyders.The ragged rocksIt’s an almost Alpine environment, and a natural playground, with rocky passages to squeeze through and explore. With pebbly bits and sandy bits, there’s something for everyone. Daddy had great fun jumping in the waves!Marloes Sands is tidal so you’ll need to check the tide times and watch out you don’t get cut off from the other members of your group. There are several access points, we arrived by one and left by another which – as far as James was concerned – made it even more of an adventure!Yippee! Clever Mummy remembered the picnic!As we left, James was already asking when we could go again. Where’s your favourite beach? Written by Helen & Ian on Wednesday, 07 August 2013. Posted in Beside the Seaside, South Wales beach Related Articles Oxfordshire Goes Wild! About the Author Helen & Ian About Me & MineHi there! Helen and Ian here from the Oxfordshire-Wiltshire border! We have two boys who love everything in the Great Outdoors (especially sticks), and a border collie who also loves everything in the Great Outdoors (especially tennis balls). We also have a toddler daughter who is fiercely independent and proving to be just as intrepid as her brothers. Favourite place in the world A difficult one... There are so many wonderful places to choose from... But it has to be Sandwood Bay in the far north-west of Scotland which can only be reached by a 4-mile walk. Last time we went it was a full-on winter mountaineering experience (with ice axe and crampons!) just to get there. Wild and windswept, it's totally unspoilt.Favourite things to do outdoors Enjoy beaches, woods, and coastal paths; explore waterways in our open canoe; go for a big day out on a small hill; go rock climbing; collect sticks, conkers, and acorns; investigate puddles and rockpools; ride our tandem; fly a kite against a clear blue sky. Comments (3) Jay Greengrass 08 August 2013 at 10 49 | # Ahhhh, it looks like you all had so much fun! I do like your rule of who carries what - I'm in the middle of teaching my kids that I am *not* a Sherpa. reply Kerry Teague 08 August 2013 at 17 03 | # Me too! Largely unsuccessfully at the mo, mind you. reply CallyW 09 August 2013 at 07 30 | # Looks gorgeous and rugged, and the happy picnic face tells you everything about what a great time you all had! Lovely. reply Leave a comment You are commenting as guest. Submit comment jQuery(function($) { $('#comments').Comment({ cookiePrefix

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