My Little Bag of Tricks....

My Little Bag of Tricks.... Recently I've started taking a tiny 10L rucksack almost everywhere we go. It's always ready and rarely unpacked once home just put aside for our next outing. It's so small and light that Ollie is always willing to carry it, or I can carry it, or it can be slung on the back of the pushchair too. It's become my little bag of tricks, and both Ollie and Georgie make a bee-line for it when we stop anywhere even for the briefest moment! It's like a children's entertainment pack for me, a collection of very cheap and easy to source toys which provide hours of fun, and has a few practical extras too!It's "fun" contents are....1 foldable bucket2 small shovels (one per child) 1 bouncy ball1 small soft ball (which floats!)1 frisbee1 pocket kite1 or 2 “bubble wands” (which I regularly refill from a large bottle of bubble mixture)1 small bottle of bubbles (this avoids arguments!).1 RNLI noise maker we got at the Great North Swim (may be removed... But could be handy if we ever loose Ollie as we would hear him for miles!)The "practical extras" are A half full pack of Baby wipesA small pack of tissues2 sun hats (one for each child)2 "buff's" that can be used as neck or head warmers, ear warmers or head bands!Suntan lotion (suitable for all our super sensitive skin)A plastic "emergency spoon".... You never know when you might need one!A "thick" carrier bag (things can go in it or you can sit on it!)Hours of fun and entertainment where ever you go with your Little Trekkers! Written by Emma Lunn on Wednesday, 18 July 2012. Posted in Cumbria and the Lake District Tags travelling with children Related Articles The RNLI have a lot to Answer For! I May Live to Regret Accepting That Freebie!Cycle Set Up…. Our New Family Bike Combination Causes People to Stare! About the Author Emma Lunn About Me & MineI'm Emma, a part time planner and a full time mummy to two gorgeous children, Ollie who is 5 and Georgie who is 1. I'm married to Dave who's a primary teacher.Favourite place in the world Is where we live, Kendal and the Lake District around us. It is just beautiful and magical and an amazing place for Little Trekkers' Adventures.Favourite things to do outdoors Family bike rides, camping, cycle camping, walks, picnics (all year!), outdoor swimming, parks and playgrounds. Comments (3) hanosh66 19 July 2012 at 13 40 | # Your bag of tricks is amazing, where did you get the bucket from? reply Elizabeth Vancura 19 July 2012 at 13 50 | # Hi Emma - LOVE this! Recognise exactly the same pocket kite that we have - and the reuseable spoon that M&S gave away a few years ago! All I need now is a foldable bucket! x Liz reply Kerry Teague 19 July 2012 at 14 00 | # Great idea! We actually have a spare one of those rucksacs as Harry has just graduated to the next size up and now I know exactly what to do with it until such times as Chloe is big enough to use it! reply Leave a comment You are commenting as guest. Submit comment jQuery(function($) { $('#comments').Comment({ cookiePrefix

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