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Party of the Decade!

Party of the Decade! Harry recently turned 10, which is a milestone worth marking, but all Harry wanted to do was “go to a forest and mess about with ropes and stuff”. Thankfully, a few of his friends were willing to join in, so off we all went for the cheapest birthday party ever. The rules were pretty simple – no biking, no shooting, but most other stuff will be ok!Challenge Number One was to catch a falling leaf. The boys weren’t particularly enthusiastic until I mentioned that there might be a prize for the winner.All of a sudden, they were well into it, the first prize was awarded (a sweetie!) and after some valiant perseverance, everyone else managed to follow suit.The next challenge was a rather dodgy traverse on a rather dodgy traverse line. Harry’s friends’ parents may be relieved to hear that we tested it out with our own son first and it did the job so everyone else followed and after a short scramble, made it to the top in one piece.The boys then faced a long, steep descent which they managed in a safe, controlled manner. However, Ash and I took our eye off the ball for two seconds to get the rope coiled up again, and they took it upon themselves to finish it off in a much less controlled, much dirtier and probably much more fun fashion!“Helpfully” they decided to wash their hands with varying degrees of success in a puddle before getting in the car. It was great fun. And parents will be relieved to hear that we made them wash their hands properly before we fed them. Happy birthday, Harry! Here’s to the next decade of madness! Written by Kerry Teague on Thursday, 23 November 2017. Posted in Northern Ireland Birthday, glorious mud, Spotty Otter Related Articles Partaking with the ParakeetsRemembering. About the Author Kerry Teague About Me & MineAshley (Dad/ 3rd child/ chief photographer). Me - Kerry (Mum/ the sensible one... sometimes). Harry (10) can't (won’t?) sit still unless he’s bow paddler and Chloe (nearly 8), likes to cartwheel everywhere and critically analyse Harry’s paddling techniques. It’s definitely time to start saving for a second open boat! We spend as much time as possible having "adventures" (which consist of anything which takes place outside and is accompanied by official “adventure sweeties” – the chewing of which delays Chloe’s critiques and gives Harry’s ears a rest). If only he’d realise how much she adores him!Favourite place in the world Ashley and me - Strangford Lough, The Mourne Mountains, anywhere outside with the Little Trekkers, especially when the sun is shining (snow is a bonus!). Harry – Alan’s farm. Can occasionally be persuaded elsewhere if it requires a paddle or harness to get to. Chloe - anywhere as long as it's outside and preferably with a big brother to emulate and somewhere to toast marshmallows. Lying in the hammock in a forest listening to a good audiobook is another firm favourite. (Mine too, if I ever got the chance!)Favourite things to do outdoors Biking, climbing, canoeing, digging holes on the beach, jumping in rivers, having campfires, looking for squirrels, butterflies, crabs and basking sharks. Reading Harry Potter aloud under a tarp at bedtime on Salt Island has been our 2018 highlight so far. Leave a comment You are commenting as guest. Submit comment jQuery(function($) { $('#comments').Comment({ cookiePrefix

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