I would have loved to have seen the Poppies when they were at the Tower of London so I was really pleased to hear they were coming to Belfast. They’ve actually been here since the middle of October, but it was poignant that Remembrance Sunday was the first chance we got to visit.

I was expecting it to be really busy but as luck would have it, by the time we arrived, it was just about to close, most people had already left and the sky above was the most amazing clear, gradually darkening blue.Annoyingly, we had managed to forget the camera, so I was left to do my best with my phone.

It was mind-blowing to contemplate that each one of those poppies represent someone’s fallen loved one in WW1 and that we were only seeing a tiny proportion of the original display.Harry was initially having none of having his photo taken. Chloe, on the other hand, as usual, could barely be held back, whereas, Harry tried to dodge the inevitable by offering to take the family pic.

Of course, once Harry had got his shot, Chloe insisted on taking one too. I was pleasantly surprised when Harry agreed to join in to let Chloe get her pic. We then seized the opportunity to get a rare pic of the four of us, taken by one of the exhibition volunteers.

I was really touched that even though it was past closing time, it was freezing cold and had rained heavily earlier in the day, the volunteers were massively welcoming. One lovely lady in particular took some time to chat to the Little Trekkers, encouraging them to guess the number of poppies. It took a LONG while of “a few more than that”, “a few less than that” for them to eventually come up with the correct total – a whopping 5800! (or something like that. At my age I should have written the total down!)

They’re here at the wonderful Ulster Museum until the 4th December and Harry is really interested in how they’re going to get them all down. I must plan another visit with him then to see if we can get a peek at the operation before they take them to Hereford, the next location on the tour. Has anyone else managed to catch the poppies on tour? They are definitely worth a trip.

Written by Kerry Teague on Sunday, 12 November 2017.

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Comments (2) Jennie Abell 20 November 2017 at 10 01 | # We were lucky enough by pure chance to be in London when the poppies were at the Tower. Its a very touching memorial.

Kerry Teague 21 November 2017 at 19 22 | # I would have loved to have seen them in London. I'm sure it would have been amazing to see. 

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