Santa Special

Santa Special Last weekend we went over to Bury for a trip on the old East Lancashire Railway. The railway was closed on 1970 and is now run as a heritage railway with steam and diesel services. When we told Reuben and Orla that we were going on a steam train they were very excited. What we hadn't told them was that being close to Christmas there would be an extra special passenger on board. After arriving at the station and handing over our tickets, we made our way to the platform along a walkway lined with thousands of fairy lights which looked truly magical. The Christmas theme continued as we made it to the platform, with a special table for children to sit and write their letters to Santa, and a post box to make sure he got them.After taking our seats it was only a short wait until the whistled sounded and we started to move. The carriage we were in had very springy seats which Reuben enjoyed bouncing up and down on. Orla on the other hand wasn't quite sure about this new sensation at first, but she quickly forgot about the seat as we went through the first tunnel which was lined with Christmas lights. For the next 20 minutes she watched out of the window as we passed fields full of sheep, old mills and swollen rivers.Then suddenly we heard some footsteps at the end of the carriage and in walked Santa, with some of his helpers, handing out presents to the all of the children. On the way back to the station the freshly opened presents took attention away from the scenery outside of the windows. Except for when we went through one of the many tunnels which Orla grew to love, and which she greeted with squeals of excitement.Before long we arrived back at station and it was time for us to head home ... but not before Orla took one last look at the train and asked when we could come back again. Written by Paul Frodsham on Monday, 12 December 2011. Posted in North West Ambassador Articles Father Christmas - His Day Job christmas, steam trains Related Articles A Mary Poppins Inspired Sunday About the Author Paul Frodsham About Me & MineTeam Frodsham consists of me Paul (35), my wife Lianne (34) and our two cheebies, Reuben (4 and 3/4) and his little sister Orla (19 months). We live in Congleton (Beartown), Cheshire but can often be found visiting grandparents in Lancashire or Scotland. When I'm not stuck in an the office I like to get out running, or cycling with Reuben and Orla.Favourite place in the world It would have to be North Male Atoll in the Maldives where we spent our honeymoon. With white sand beaches and warm lagoons perfect for snorkelling, the cutest baby turtles and just a short kayak trip to the next island for lunch. I'm still on the look out for an equally magical place a little closer to home ... suggestions welcome.Favourite things to do outdoors We're always on the look out for new and different ways to go fast, be it going down hills on our bike, finding a park with the longest and fastest zip line (Tatton is winning so far) or riding rollercoasters at Alton Towers. When we're not in search of adrenaline we're in search of all manner of mysterious characters from a Gruffalo to Bog Babies, Pirates to Dinosaurs, either from the bike on the country lanes of Cheshire or from the banks of a Scottish loch ... no monsters spotted so far. We also love music and are looking forward to taking Orla to her first music festival in July. Leave a comment You are commenting as guest. Submit comment jQuery(function($) { $('#comments').Comment({ cookiePrefix

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