Scimitar Ridge by Finlay

We have had a very full on winter here in Fort William ever since New Year there has been skiing on the hill which is pretty unusual and most weeks snow at valley level making getting to work and school very tricky. Putting chains on the car has become fairly routine until there was a dump of snow that even the car chains couldn’t cope with! So last week with all the weather warnings out we were almost relieved not to get any snow here at all!

The freezing level had risen as well and the skiing had gone hard so there was no option but to have a weekend by the fire at home. That of course meant lots of time to catch up with jobs and daydream about warmer weather. Here is one of the days back in September I drifted back to, Finlay wrote this at school and I got him to type it up for little trekkers. It was a lovely warm autumn day with the hills just starting to turn golden in Glen Nevis. Over to Fin…‘On Saturday we were going to Scimitar ridge and I wasn't very excited. When I got there I got a big surprise. It was not what I expected it was because it looked easy, very easy but it’s what I call a trick climb.

A trick climb is where it looks very easy but it was not. So when we were about there we saw a grass snake! I was incredibly amazed. We did eventually leave it alone and got on with climbing. So we got tied on we tied ourselves together. This is the order we were in my Dad, me, Torrin, my Mum. When we were tied on my Dad started to climb up so we waited for him to tighten the rope. When the rope was tight I shouted 'that's me' then my Dad said 'climb when you are ready'. So I said excitedly 'climbing' and started. I got a bit upset but after a few tricky moves I got to the very easy bit and finally got to the top. The end. ‘I must point out that Finlay was wearing his warm icebreaker leggings under his shorts and looked like a true mountaineer!

Written by Jennie Abell on Wednesday, 07 March 2018.

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Kerry Teague 08 March 2018 at 21 58 | # Well done, Finlay. Great read! And great climbing! 

Helen and Ian 09 March 2018 at 08 54 | # Wow! A graded scramble! And moving together! Well done, Finlay! (And of course Mum, Dad, and Torrin!) You will be sauntering up The Gutter (D***) in next to no time! 

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