Ski School Nevis Range Style.

Our kids have always been very reluctant to join clubs but when they do finally agree they discover that they really enjoy it. For many parents it’s the other way round of course where there seems to be a club on every night I have found that heavy persuasion techniques work, sometimes I just tell them they are going! As they are getting bigger they are more likely to say yes but they do carefully consider all the implications of doing a new thing.

So for all these years since they were very little they have skied and each year we say would you like to join ski school? It’s always no so we just take them up and we all ski together or Matt and I take it in turns to tag ski while one of us goes off for a more adventurous ski in the back country easily accessible from the slopes. This is all very well but we both end up skiing a lot on our own and sometimes, well it would just be nice to have a bit of company especially when the avalanche forecast is on the high side.

So seeing an opportunity for a childcare option again this year if they joined ski school we broached the issue with F and T. Surprisingly they were really up for it! Of course it’s a guessing game with Scottish skiing and after last year, who could tell what 2018 was going to turn out to be like. Well it’s been pretty good and there has been consistent snow on the hill since new year. Ski school started in January. The kids have been amazing and really enjoyed it. They ski for longer and endure the most dire conditions which would normally have them crying if they were with us.

I have been pretty impressed. But most importantly Matt and I have had a 3 hour window for back country adventures……….and on the good days we have worked out that we can do a whole round from the top station down summit gulley and back in 2 hours, I have to say that its very satisfying! The boys have started asking where we have been and their little ears prick up now when we say we have been off the back.

I think that we are not many years off a whole family trip down summit gulley, which has to be one of the most satisfying ski descents in Scotland and on a par with some of the best skiing abroad.

Written by Jennie Abell on Saturday, 14 April 2018.

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Nancy Chambers 19 April 2018 at 21 20 | # Good turns Jennie ) Lovely to meet you the other week and hopefully see you sometime over the summer when we are over visiting the west.

Jennie Abell 28 April 2018 at 17 32 | # Thanks Nancy I have a feeling that may have been Matt I was looking for photo's in a hurry! Also great to see you as well the other week and please do look us up. 

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