Skiing to go skiing.

I know the snow has only really hit the rest of the UK in the last few weeks but we have had pretty full on conditions right through January and February. The skiing opened on New Years Day and when the weather has allowed it’s been open every day since. Unusually though the snow has been down to valley level nearly constantly during that time and that has made trying to get to work and school very tricky.

Some days of course it has been so bad the schools have been shut and that makes everyone’s life easy but on many days we have a very difficult mile and half to get to the main road. When you spend the whole week juggling car logistics and snow conditions you feel pretty tired but then of course there is no rest at the weekend because the skiing is open! I hasten to say I am in no way complaining but it’s been pretty full on.

Then came one weekend when we couldn’t even get the car up the hill with snow chains on the car. It was also due to snow heavily overnight and that meant we would have to go skiing the next day. So we left the car the other side of the hill on Friday night after school and walked the last bit home.Sure enough next day there was a new very deep new layer on top of yesterday’s snow all around the house and fat flakes where falling out of the sky. Walking was going to be pretty tricky with all our ski stuff and two little boys who would rather be playing with Lego. So we decided to ski! There is a lovely hill across the field from the house, which short cuts the road and so we walked to the top of it and put on our skis. We had a fun slide down to the road, which didn’t last long but was very satisfying.

The difficulty was then getting two grumpy boys to walk up the hill on the other side with ski boots on. Then we had to de-ice the car, all clamber in covered in snow and drive slowly through a white tunnel of trees and past some that had nearly collapsed on the road because of the snow. All very adventurous. We even managed to beat the crowds to the ski car park, just. By the time we got to Nevis Range we felt like we had, had a full day skiing already! Needless to say I had made sure we had huge amounts of chocolate to keep the boys going all day.

Written by Jennie Abell on Saturday, 17 March 2018.

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Helen Fulson 21 March 2018 at 21 44 | # Ahhh, a proper winter wonderland! 

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