Sledging at last.

Like most of the UK, we’ve had more snow than usual this winter, but, for us anyway, never really enough for a good sledging session in the absence of bitter, bitter winds. All four of us were therefore super-excited to celebrate the start of Spring with two snow days (during which I was up North on a school residential and the wind was the coldest I’ve ever experienced anywhere in the world, including Lapland!) followed by a calm Saturday with no plans that couldn’t be cancelled.

We’re very lucky to have a golf course within walking distance with an awesomely steep 3rd fairway with groundsmen who don’t seem to mind the locals taking it over when the course is covered in snow. It’s accessed through a lovely hole in the hedge which always reminds me of going through the wardrobe into Narnia.Chloe was initially a little cautious and elected to try out the slope on my knee for her first go.She then experimented with an alternative version of sledge-sharing with Ash.Her third method was by far her favourite and each run was accompanied by joyous squeals of delight.

The cautiousness had clearly worn off by then.Harry, meanwhile, on a quest for some airtime, built himself a ramp. Check out the cosy Bogs wellies, by the way. I was so jealous of Harry’s toastie toes!It was probably a good job the snow wasn’t deep enough to make a big one. I’d love to say that no Little Trekkers or sledges were harmed in the making of these photos but that wouldn’t quite be true. The red sledge has a rather impressive crack in it, although, I suspect that might be more to do with Ashley’s antics than Harry’s ramp. Ashley’s obviously not realised you’re supposed to let the kids win when you race them!

Harry also spent a bit of time learning what happens when you let go of your sledge at the top of the hill.I’m hoping he remembers this day when we hit the slopes for real some time in the next few years (we’re currently dithering between a canoe trip in Canada and our first family ski trip. Personally, I want to do both but life tends not to work like that, unfortunately). I totally loved the sledging and may have made just as much noise as Chloe when it was my turn. I think my favourite parts of the day looked like this, though.

I love the together time that getting outside affords and this photo reminded me of one of our first blog posts (Eventually, the Sandy Beach) when I had a lovely walk and talk with a much tinier Chloe. Time passes so quickly but I’m so grateful for moments like these!

Written by Kerry Teague on Thursday, 08 March 2018.

Posted in Northern Ireland

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