Snowdrop Season (Part 1): Welford Park

A few of the places we really like to visit are open only during ‘Snowdrop Season’. One of these is Welford Park, near Newbury. News that the cold weather had produced perfect conditions for the snowdrops there was enough to make us hotfoot it over to see them. The snowdrops at Welford Park are truly extensive. They appear throughout the grounds but the main attraction is a beech wood with vast swathes of snowdrops which are all the more impressive and miraculous set against the bare trees and dead leaves of winter.

There was plenty more to see besides the snowdrops. We also admired the yellow aconites, Christmas Roses, and purple crocuses, which grew in huge numbers. ‘Mummy! Look at all the bird nests in the trees!’ In fact, it was mistletoe, hanging from the trees in great balls. ‘I thought mistletoe was endangered!’ said James. I thought it was too, but it certainly seemed to be doing well at Welford Park! We explored the bamboo passage. The light filtered down through the yellow-green leaves, and made you feel like you were in another world. We mooched about beside the river, where the water was clear as crystal; stomped across bridges; and played with countless ‘cool sticks’.

Perhaps the biggest hit, apart from the snowdrops, was the big grassy bank, which was perfect for rolling down, as Little Brother and Little Sister showed us again, and again, and again... I remember how much I used to love doing this myself.Unfortunately, the recent ice and snow has meant that Welford Park has had to close early and so if you want to see the snowdrops there you’ll have to wait until next year. But there are lots of other places to go, and I’ll bet there are still some snowdrops to see near where you live!


Written by Helen & Ian on Thursday, 08 March 2018.

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Deborah Patterson 13 March 2018 at 13 45 | # It's so lovely here isn't it! We can't wait for bluebell season now. 

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