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Snowdrop Season (Part 2): Colesbourne Park

Colesbourne Park Another place we really like to visit during ‘Snowdrop Season’ is Colesbourne Park in the Gloucestershire Cotswolds. It opens for just ten days each year to allow people to admire the snowdrops. We didn’t manage to go last year, and so we were determined to make up for it this year.

Snowdrops are taken very seriously at Colesbourne there are over 250 varieties. I couldn’t pretend to be able to tell the difference between many of them, but looking at snowdrops more carefully makes me appreciate how truly beautiful and varied they are. Colesbourne has lovely grounds. You can marvel at the swathes of snowdrops and pink cyclamen; take a walk beside the blue lake under trees bedecked with moss and ferns; visit a waterfall; and follow a stream as it meanders through the landscape past some characterful bridges.

The church, too, is particularly fine, and we explored it to peals from the bell ringers. The boys once again enjoyed scrambling on the magnificent plane tree, with its twisted and gnarled branches. And, to Little Sister’s delight, there were more grassy banks perfect for rolling.It was a bitterly cold day, which gave us the perfect excuse to visit the improvised tearoom where tea and cakes were on sale for charity. Just outside, at the snowdrop stall, all sorts of varieties were available for purchase.

I was startled to find the children coveting varieties of snowdrop with price tags of up to £160, and hastily insisted they return them to the shelves. We found a variety we’d admired which, appropriately, was called ‘James Backhouse’. Thankfully, this had a price tag of £3.50 which was much more realistic, and we decided James should get one and plant it, where else, but at the back of the house!


Written by Helen & Ian on Friday, 09 March 2018.

Posted in South West

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