Snowy Sunday

The winter this year up North has been grand with a dusting of snow showing up every week or so. Yorkshire which is always a beautiful place looks even more wonderful with a dusting of the white stuff. We love the snow and try not to let a lot little thing like the cold weather stop us or our little un’ Jasper from enjoying the outdoors.

We live in Sheffield and one of the beauties of living in our city is how easy it is for us to get out into amazing countryside. We are lucky enough to have the Peak District National Park on our doorstep so are spoiled for choice when picking the our Sunday hike or bike. On this particular Sunday morning we headed out to one of our favourite spots for a stroll the lovely Longshaw Estate just a short 15/20 min drive from the city centre.

When we arrived there was much more snow than we anticipated and it was still falling quite heavily; but we were all bundled up and ready to go so headed out anyway. Jasper is a very inquisitive little soul and loves being in his carrier up high he can see everything that’s going on. We popped him in with his rain cover and snowsuit and off we went. This time we were with our friends with a toddling toddler so decided to do the picturesque orange route which is only about 3 miles but has lovely views out over the estate.

It was a very cold walk that was enjoyed by all. We definitely welcomed the Café at the end for a brew and a tea cake. We did however stay in the cafe a little longer than we should have as when we got back to the car we had to dig the wheels out and wait for a clear run at the car park entrance. Made the trip an ever bigger adventure.

Written by Anna Gunn on Tuesday, 06 February 2018.

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