Spring Cycling!

I don’t know about you, but it’s felt to me like this winter was never going to end! Bad weather, combined with flus and tummy bugs over Easter meant that last Monday evening, my cabin fever was at maximum. And then it dawned on me – the clocks changed a few weeks ago, for once it wasn’t pouring – we could go on a post-teatime cycle!

Chloe was told to get out of her jammies (she was also still in winter-mode) and everyone was told to munch up and get their helmets on. They didn’t take much persuasion!It was bliss! We now have access to miles and miles of traffic-free Greenway in East Belfast so there’s loads of scope for searching for evidence of our long-awaited spring. There’s pond-life a plenty and the crocuses are well up.

We can even call in to Grandma’s for supper (and a welcome trip to the loo - wouldn't have had that cup of tea with my dinner if I'd planned our cycle in advance!) It turns out the crocuses aren’t the only things growing though. Harry and Chloe’s bikes seem to have shrunk in the last few weeks! (Check out Harry’s skid – there’ll be no tyres left for Chloe to enjoy if we don’t pass it down to her quick!).

Don’t suppose anyone is in the market for a third-hand Frog 48? Despite valiant efforts, Chloe hasn’t quite learnt to skid yet so her tyres are in pretty good nick, thankfully!

Written by Kerry Teague on Monday, 16 April 2018.

Comments (2) Jennie Abell 19 April 2018 at 20 50 | # Yes this winter has been very long and that comes from a lover of winter! I envy your lovely tarmac cycle tracks we don't do enough cycling here because of the lack of easier ground for the boys. 

Kerry Teague 09 May 2018 at 10 24 | # We're so lucky to have so many options from the house. At the weekend, we cycled into the centre of Belfast, pretty much traffic-free for the Festival of Fools events. It was so good not to have to worry about parking, etc. 

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