Stone-Balancing With A Twist

Stone-Balancing With A Twist We love stone-balancing and can spend hours doing it. Recently we were in Wales and went to a beach where a lot of the stones were shaped like flat rectangles. This opened up a new world of possibilities. We decided to build a model of a famous landmark in Wiltshire – can you recognize it? Here’s a bird’s eye view to help. Of course, it may not be a completely accurate model as it was done from memory – no design plans were available – and James used a bit of artistic licence and included a sculpture (which looks as though it might have been inspired by Sid the Sloth’s rock tower in ‘Ice Age’. Anyway, just in case you really, really can’t guess, it’s Stonehenge and Avebury all rolled into one. What models have you made on the beach this year? Written by Helen & Ian on Wednesday, 15 August 2012. Posted in Beside the Seaside, South Wales Fun Stuff Articles Stone Balancing for Kids Squid and Me Posts Stone Balancing - Kids are Best at This beach Related Articles Stonehenge Versus Druid's TempleA 3000-Year-Old HorseDiscovering Neolithic Wiltshire About the Author Helen & Ian About Me & MineHi there! Helen and Ian here from the Oxfordshire-Wiltshire border! We have two boys who love everything in the Great Outdoors (especially sticks), and a border collie who also loves everything in the Great Outdoors (especially tennis balls). We also have a toddler daughter who is fiercely independent and proving to be just as intrepid as her brothers. Favourite place in the world A difficult one... There are so many wonderful places to choose from... But it has to be Sandwood Bay in the far north-west of Scotland which can only be reached by a 4-mile walk. Last time we went it was a full-on winter mountaineering experience (with ice axe and crampons!) just to get there. Wild and windswept, it's totally unspoilt.Favourite things to do outdoors Enjoy beaches, woods, and coastal paths; explore waterways in our open canoe; go for a big day out on a small hill; go rock climbing; collect sticks, conkers, and acorns; investigate puddles and rockpools; ride our tandem; fly a kite against a clear blue sky. Comments (1) Kerry Teague 28 August 2012 at 21 22 | # Love it - and I totally recognised Sid's tower even before you described it! We had our own Stonehenge experience last weekend too - not exactly the real thing but it was great fun - we've written a post about it.Stone balancing looks great fun - we'll def get Harry and Chloe onto that one next time we're at the beach. reply Leave a comment You are commenting as guest. Submit comment jQuery(function($) { $('#comments').Comment({ cookiePrefix

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