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Stripes! Another Lighthouse for the Collection

Stripes! Another Lighthouse for the Collection When I posted a photo of Tarbat Ness Lighthouse on Facebook a few days ago my friend Sophie asked - so are you a Ligththouse Chaser? And I emphatically answered NO! But then reviewing all our previous Lighthouse blog posts on here - maybe she has a point! My theory - developed over the last few days - is that as somebody who grew up in a landlocked country; the sea and lighthouses do indeed hold a special magic. No wonder I can't get enough of them and keep finding Little Trekker adventures that take us to them. The latest addition to our collection was one I had been looking for a long time - a red & white striped one! All the ones I had seen before were just white and whilst impressive and stunning I do have a bit of a soft spot for colours.So as we found ourselves on a shopping trip on the North-East coast last weekend I managed to persuade Little Trekker and Trekker-Dad that after a 2-hour-drive and a 1-hour-lunch and before hitting the supermarket for a mega-shop we really needed to do some exploring. I knew Tarbat Ness wasn't very far away but persuading a west coast family to take a drive through east coast farmland is a bit of a light-house-tall order. Well not for the Little Trekker as he really loves farm machinery - which helped!After missing two important turns (all those missing landmarks - no mountains!) we ended up in Portmahomack harbour, but after a little bit more backtracking in the end finally saw something red and white appearing on the horizon! It was a windy day so we trudged along the path to get closer and I got all those 'not another lighthouse' vibes. Having done my homework and seen photos friends had shared I knew there was stunning coastline to see but I had kept that as a little surprise to lift the spirits! And it worked! As soon as the stunning sandstone coast appeared - rockpools and exciting shapes and a spluttering sea cave nobody (but me) cared about the lighthouse and everybody was happy!We had packed some sweet treats for an afternoon picnic on the beach, enjoyed just out of the wind, before exploring the coast a bit more. I happily glanced back every so often - happiness all around! Written by Monika Strell on Tuesday, 28 February 2017. Posted in Beside the Seaside beach, family fun, Lighthouse, Rockpools, Spotty Otter Related Articles Highlanders in Hamburg 2 - Harbour XXLHighlanders in Hamburg 3 - Creatures Great & Small About the Author Monika Strell About Me & MineMonika (an Austrian in Scotland), Stewart (a true Highlander) and Corwin (8), plus 2 dogs and 5 cats.  We live on a woodland croft in the parish of Assynt, in the far North West Highlands of Scotland.Favourite place in the world Home - we are lucky to have mountains and beaches on our doorstep and Scotland generally; but we also love the mountains in my native Austria and have a soft spot for California, where we spent our honeymoon.Favourite things to do outdoors Explovering (our personal term for exploring and discovering) mountains, lochs and beaches, camping, foraging, star gazing, Geocaching, developing our already wonderful woodlands into a magic place to share with family, friends and neighbours and fishing. Leave a comment You are commenting as guest. Submit comment jQuery(function($) { $('#comments').Comment({ cookiePrefix

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