Surfing Poverty Bay - crocs off to Captain Cook!

It's the summer holidays here in NZ and we've been making the most of it by exploring a little further up the Eastern coast and returning to the sea for our first proper surfing session since moving to New Zealand. We drove up to the town of Gisborne, full of history and Captain Cook's famous landing.

We are living inland for the first time EVER (well, 40 mins drive to the coast) and it felt so good to spend time hearing the sea from our windows and pouring sand out of our shoes, hair and pockets each evening! We fully put the Crocs and Keen sandals to the test tramping up and down the beach, in and out of the sea. They were both awesome little sandals, sturdy and easy to flick on and off without the instability of 'jandals' (flipflops). And of course, we returned to the waves!

My last surfing blog post from the UK saw us all togged in winter wetsuits but this time the sun was shining and the waves were a perfect 2ft. Ramona took to the water like the proverbial fish and is finally confident enough to be tumbled in the waves, toppled off the board but still climb back on, turn the board back out to sea and paddle on out. Squeals of delight from us all when she finally started popping up to stand and ride the waves in. Then there she was suddenly out back with me and we caught the same wave in together!

Very exciting for her - and for me too as it suddenly opened up a whole other activity in which we can share.

Eomer spent his first day getting used to being in the waves again, exploring his nipper board but then braving up to lying on sea face level and paddling independently. It was such a proud couple of days to see how far the two of them had come in the water over time, and really brought home the importance of modelling activities and enjoyment and allowing children to advance as they feel confident to challenge themselves the next step rather than putting them off completely by "chucking them in at the deep end"!

Now, we have children that get the same stoke out of the sea as us - what a great feeling! Captain Cook, we will have to find out more about your adventures and clashes with the resident Maori tribes in another visit. This time the beach called and we just had to follow. Until next time, Gisborne, we salute you and love your beaches!

Written by Ruth Lively-Masters on Tuesday, 17 January 2017.

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