Surviving Barmouth Beach

Surviving Barmouth Beach Our October half-term has been spent in Wales for the last few years as I’m usually supervising a Duke of Edinburgh Award expedition. It's one of my favourite areas. The children’s favourite destination is the beach at Barmouth. Welsh beaches in October are often cold and windy but unless the sand is actually blasting their faces, this doesn’t seem to bother them! This year, we had an idyllic afternoon flying a kite and making sandcastles in the sunset. We can recommend the RNLI shop overlooking the beach as a good place to buy new buckets, spades and kites (i.e. when you realise that one bucket and spade is not going to do the job)! The question every parent will need to know the answer to is – how on earth do I keep warm on Barmouth beach? The children are usually running round and keeping warm. The answer is either to join them in running around or go for a fleece, down jacket and hat combination! Written by Sarah Ward on Sunday, 11 November 2012. Posted in Beside the Seaside, North Wales and Anglesey beach, kites Related Articles Amazing Times at Cliveden About the Author Sarah Ward About Me & MineThre's four of us - Sarah, Paul, Oliver (5 yers) and Alice (2 years). We live in Herfordshire. We're often found heading to other places for weekends and holidays.Favourite place in the world The west coast of Scotland. We love how beautiful it is with the combinations of mountains, sea and spectacular beaches. I'd be hard pushed to say which our favourite place is there but anywhere on the Outer Hebrides would be near the top of the list. As anywhere in Scotland is a very long drive from Hertfordshire, then this is a rare but much enjoyed pleasure.Favourite things to do outdoors I'm a keen hillwalker. When I'm not pesuading my own children to walk somewhere, I'm persuading teenagers to put their best feet forward and not get lost as a Duke of Edinburgh Scheme leader.We also love cycling. Oliver is super speedy on his bike so we are always on the look out for some safe but enjoyable family cycling.We also like camping, watching wildlife, gardening and exploring new places. Leave a comment You are commenting as guest. Submit comment jQuery(function($) { $('#comments').Comment({ cookiePrefix

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