There's a clue in the name!

I don’t know what they’ve been feeding James at school but he has shot up overnight and seems to be growing out of everything quicker than we can replace it. I was frantically trying to get everybody out the door for a family walk up our local hill- Dumyat, on the outskirts of Stirling to find James’ feet had grown a size in the space of week. Our hallway was like a scene from Cinderella, trying to squeeze his feet into a variety of shoes.

Walking boots – to tight, snow boots, which had sat in the cupboard all summer – no chance! We were resigned to picking an easier route and going in his school shoes with their worn out grips from a terms worth of playground antics, when I remembered the bogs boots Little Trekkers had kindly sent us. I’d ordered them in the next size up and had been pretty disappointed when they arrived and they were too big, it’s a good job I did, he’d have hardly worn them if I hadn’t.

Whilst Dumyat has a nice path the whole way up, it’s still a fairly decent walk of about 5 miles and 300m climb. We’d all normally wear walking boots and it’s not the normal pootle I’d consider wellies for. But after a quick try on and inspection of our bogs, we decided these weren’t any ordinary wellies and the good grippy treads would be fine on the paths.

The thermometer on the car was registering minus 2 as we left but James’ feet were roasty-toasty in his bogs. There were no complaints of cold feet at all. The plan was we’d stick to the paths and head straight up and down to give Jarvis his morning walk and head home for lunch. The kids seemed to have missed the sticking to the path memo and were off scrambling at the first opportunity.

James’ bogs faired just as well as his walking boots, he was skipping over the rocks like a seasoned mountain goat. It wasn’t long before they discovered some icy patches and once again the bogs were put through their paces. James was a little bit disappointed with their performance, the were far too grippy and rubbish for ice skating in. The boots faired brilliantly and James pretty much ran most of the way to the summit. There was no rubbing or soreness despite covering a fair distance in them.


After a quick drink and a biscuit at the top we heading back down for our lunch. By this time James was feeling pretty invincible in his new boots and decided there was a clue in their name and his new Bogs boots needed a thorough testing in a bog. Whilst everybody skirted round the edge, James went straight through the middle gloating about his fab boots – well until he overtopped the tops and filled them with mud. Not that it was due to the wellies themselves, they actually have good coverage for children's wellies, more that the only thing would have saved he was a pair of chest waders.

We were all really impressed with how the boots faired. They’re a lovely substantial and warm pair of boots and I can see James managing with these without needing a pair of snow boots for the time being.

Written by Helena Carey on Thursday, 04 January 2018.

Posted in Scottish Highlands and Islands

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