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Tremendous Trebah

Tremendous Trebah Another brilliant place we visited this summer was Trebah Garden. We’d never been before, but Granny and Grandad have been several times over the years and had repeatedly said how hard it was to decide whether they preferred Trebah Garden or Glendurgan Garden. We thought it was time to see Trebah Garden for ourselves. Trebah Garden slopes down to Polgwidden Cove where it has its own private beach. You can borrow buckets and spades at the beach, but the children insisted on taking their own. Little Sister made a point of carrying her own fishing net all the way down – just in case. In fact, she encountered a certain ‘big fish’ several times during the walk, but it kept getting away. Trebah Garden is rightly famous for its Gunnera Passage. It was simply fabulous a green cave made by enormous leaves held aloft on prickly stems as thick as your wrist. The children loved it. We made several passes; each time we felt as though we were venturing into Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s ‘The Lost World’. We continued down through Hydrangea Valley, past huge columns of bamboo, past the bridge at Mallard Pond, through flowers of every hue. The beach is reached by a narrow passage and steep set of steps which lead over the Coast Path. We were pleased to find the beach was just as idyllic as it had appeared from the water and from the Coast Path. The grey shale beach sloped down to calm crystal clear waters which stretched out into the river and the open sea.We enjoyed Trebah enormously. There was so much to see that we felt we had merely scratched the surface. Happily, tickets are valid for seven days, and so we went again the following day! So, now it’s a case of deciding whether we prefer Glendurgan Garden or Trebah Garden. Hmmmmm… that’s a difficult one… I think we’ll have to visit them both again before we can decide… Written by Helen & Ian on Friday, 08 December 2017. Posted in South East Tags Beach, Brothers & Sisters, Fishing, Gardens Related Articles Autumn Tryptych (Part 3)Amazing Glendurgan About the Author Helen & Ian About Me & MineHi there! Helen and Ian here from the Oxfordshire-Wiltshire border! We have two boys who love everything in the Great Outdoors (especially sticks), and a border collie who also loves everything in the Great Outdoors (especially tennis balls). We also have a toddler daughter who is fiercely independent and proving to be just as intrepid as her brothers. Favourite place in the world A difficult one... There are so many wonderful places to choose from... But it has to be Sandwood Bay in the far north-west of Scotland which can only be reached by a 4-mile walk. Last time we went it was a full-on winter mountaineering experience (with ice axe and crampons!) just to get there. Wild and windswept, it's totally unspoilt.Favourite things to do outdoors Enjoy beaches, woods, and coastal paths; explore waterways in our open canoe; go for a big day out on a small hill; go rock climbing; collect sticks, conkers, and acorns; investigate puddles and rockpools; ride our tandem; fly a kite against a clear blue sky. Leave a comment You are commenting as guest. Submit comment jQuery(function($) { $('#comments').Comment({ cookiePrefix

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