Warm Sunny Days and Cold Sea!

Warm Sunny Days and Cold Sea! Finally we have some warm weather here in Shetland with lots of sunshine! The arctic terns have finished nesting on the beach in front of our house which means it is now safe to venture back to the beach! The arctic terns nest here every year during late June/July and much though I am glad they have a safe haven to have their babies they are very noisy and attack your head if you go too close to their nests!The first day we went to the beach, the boys jumped into the water and had great fun splashing and paddling. But after a few minutes Ardan had literally turned blue and was very cold! So the next day we decided it was best to wear a wetsuit, whilst Ronan wore a splashtop to keep some heat in. Ardan was warm but he still thought the sea was a bit chilly! Ronan dived in with his head under the water totally oblivious to the cold water. We are now on our fourth day of sunshine and the boys are still wanting to swim in the sea. If only we could warm the water up a wee bit I would jump in with them but I'm just not as brave as they are! Written by Alex Purbrick on Friday, 19 August 2011. Posted in Beside the Seaside, Shetland Islands beach, bird watching, swimming About the Author Alex Purbrick About Me & MineI live with my partner John on the Shetland Islands and have 3 children; Rohan (4 years), Ardan (2 years) and Dana (7 months).Favourite place in the world Collafirth, Shetland - the magical, peaceful valley where we live is our shangri-la adventure playground.Favourite things to do outdoors Nature walks, talking to Sammy, our wild resident seal! Fishing on our little boat, gathering shellfish on our beach and then eating them! Comments (1) Kylie Little Trekkers 19 August 2011 at 13 18 | # Brrrrrr! It does look chilly! A wetsuit was defintiely a good idea - the sea looks lovely though! reply Leave a comment You are commenting as guest. Submit comment jQuery(function($) { $('#comments').Comment({ cookiePrefix

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