We Love Quiet Days Too

We Love Quiet Days Too Trying to plaster, paint and garden are never the easiest jobs and factoring two live wire rascals into the drying paint and polyfilla mix can be a recipe for disaster! So, leaving my husband to the sweaty jobs indoors, we’ve been out and about as much as possible, even a trip to Nanny’s on Portland for some live sailing action (and, more excitingly for the kids, close up helicopter landings!). Lots of beach days, Ramona’s first sessions on her own board in the sea and that lovely feeling of sand at the bottom of your bed no matter how clean you thought you’d got. But even so, sometimes everyone needs quieter days and today we spent it outside in our own garden – the ultimate in extreme gardening! As anyone with a steep garden and children can tell you, nothing is ever quite as easy as it seems. Trying to attack the brambles and bindweed in one spot while your toddler chants “trampoline….” and staggers determinedly up, up, up the steps to the very top terrace is quite a task! We settled for a compromise and I dug and pulled on the trampoline terrace while they exhausted themselves bouncing (one day it might happen…)then decided that a “hot, hot” (fire) was in order as it’s been a few weeks since we had our last Forest School session and we all enjoy them so much. Ramona scavenged for “sticks that snap” and Eomer headed for the old willow sandpit. Pancakes all round and more sand and mud stuck to the honey fingers, hair, faces… It’s wonderful to be busy and exploring and having so many exciting landscapes right on our doorstep but sometimes it’s just as great to have a pottering and play at home day; early nights all round ;) Written by Ruth Lively-Masters on Thursday, 16 August 2012. Posted in South West at home, cooking, forest schools Related Articles Searching for Dragon's Teeth on the BeachRain and Sunshine Within a Week! About the Author Ruth Lively-Masters About Me & MineHaving lived in N. Devon for the last 12 years, we recently moved across to the other side of the world and now live in New Zealand on the North Island. Our adventurous family includes my husband Phil and 2 small cheeky children Ramona 8½ and Eomer 5½. I have a wonderful day job as Lead teacher in the sensory unit of an SEN school and spend as much time as possible outside, exploring nature and environments both on our doorstep and further afield. Favourite place in the world Hmm, that's really tough! I loved the west coast forests of British Columbia in Canada, such a humbling, incredible place - tall trees right down to the big ocean waves. There's a whole lot of other places I'd love to explore though...moving to New Zealand has opened up a whole world of new adventures and we’re slowly finding new favourites to add to the list. Sea, mountains and forests in any combination please!Favourite things to do outdoors Again, lots of favourites. Definitely a mix between walking, cycling, surfing, camping and exploring, combined with taking time to notice detail of a place, hear the sounds and absorb the changes over time and seasons. Active and quiet times are both invigorating for different reasons. Comments (4) Fiona Moore 22 August 2012 at 07 50 | # I always enjoy reading about adventures close to home, and the pancakes are an inspired idea! I am adding it to the list for our next fire making adventure. It will make a nice change from sausages and marshmallows. reply Ruth Lively-Masters 26 August 2012 at 12 07 | # We love them too - really quick to prepare and clear up! i've just tried out a honey stove in the garden too - definitely recommend them, especially for cooking with a pan or kettle but still over a small, contained fire - nice and safe! reply Jay Greengrass 28 August 2012 at 10 42 | # Honey stove? Sounds intriguing - what's that? I love the pancakes idea very much, too. reply Kerry Teague 28 August 2012 at 20 12 | # I'm also intrigued about the honey stove. Hope you all enjoyed your early night. reply Leave a comment You are commenting as guest. Submit comment jQuery(function($) { $('#comments').Comment({ cookiePrefix

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